Washington or Louisville?

Tony Wroten will announce his college decision Thursday afternoon. It appears a race between Louisville and Washington, and Wroten gave several hints during a Seattle Times chat Wednesday night that he might be leaning towards one of those schools. Was he dropping honest hints, or setting up suspense for his announcement?

Tony Wroten will announce his college decision Thursday and has narrowed his list to five schools – Louisville, Washington, UConn, Seattle and Villanova. It's widely believed the two main contenders are the Cardinals and Huskies.

Wroten, a four-star point guard from Seattle (WA) Garfield, made an official visit to Louisville last weekend, but has strong connections to Washington, where his cousin, Nate Robinson, was a recent star guard before playing in the NBA.

The question: Will Wroten shock the hometown team to follow the trail blazed to Louisville by former Seattle stars Terrence Williams and Peyton Siva?

"They have a good chance like everyone else on my list," Wroten said during a Seattle Times chat session Wednesday afternoon. "It would be nice [to play in the Big East]. The Big East is one of the best conferences."

Wroten said he was still undecided, but in gambling terms, the 'smart' money is on Washington. Not only are the Huskies the hometown team Wroten grew up around, he also has lots of personal connections to Lorenzo Romar's program. Wroten's father also played at Washington.

Still, many of Wroten's answers during the chat session gave viewers the impression he was leaning towards Louisville.

"I love purple, but I've been wearing a lot of red lately," Wroten said.

Though Wroten has a ton of local pressure to stay home, he insisted that, "I'm going to do what's best for me."

Asked what school he heard from the most during the past 48 hours, Wroten responded, "Louisville, Louisville, Louisville." Louisville assistants Tim Fuller and Steve Masiello were both on the west coast this week.

Wroten also talked up NBA star J.R. Smith, who is the brother of Louisville guard Chris Smith. Asked who he liked better between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Wroten responded, "J.R. Smith." Wroten also said if he could be any player in the NBA he would choose Smith because, "he can score 40 points any night."

Wroten said the main factors in his decision were, "The school that had a crazy fan base. The coaching staff. The roster. Being able to have fun in the city I'm in."

Wroten will announce his decision during a press conference at 3:00 PST – 6:00 Louisville time. Wroten said his announcement will be "very interesting." Wroten said he could count on one hand (five) the number of people who know where he's going. "My immediate family," Wroten said.

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