Cardinal fans thank Reece Gaines

Visitors to the messageboard have been leaving messages of thanks for departing senior Reece Gaines.

Reece Gaines

"Reece, this season was made because of you. There will be thousands of Louisville fans who will never forget the commitment you made to this University. If it wasn't for you, this basketball program would have remained in the dark ages. Your jersey should be hanging in the rafters at Freedom Hall. We will never forget you."

"Thanks to you for giving everything you had, in this tourney and throughout your career. You are a great player and a wonderful person."

"You came when others wouldn't - you lead on the court, in the classroom and in the community - you sweated, bled and left it all on the court - you NEVER disappointed - you inspired us all to be better people - and I'll for one will look for #22 in the rafters, because Louisville may have had better players, but I don't know that we've had a better man!"

"#22 one of the best to play at UofL good luck in the NBA."

"Reece thanks for all the hard work and effort! You are one of my favorite Cards and I have been a fan since 1973. Go Cards, Go Reece!"

"Let me add my thanks to Reece for sticking it out and being the inspiration to all the players and fans for his four years. His number will hang in the rafters and Reece can look forward to a great pro career."

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece Gaines!!! I can't believe I won't hear that anymore in the Hall. Very very sad to see you go for personal reasons but also extremely happy for you to be moving on to the next level. Reece, you've made me scream, cuss, cheer, jump up & down, run around the house, fall out of my chair, spit out my drink, laugh, cry and I've enjoyed every minute of your 4 years here. Watching your personal highlight reel during your last home game this season brought me to tears for only the second time regarding a player as a Card fan (I cried when Ellis went out w/ the knee) & you will always hold a very high place in my book as a great player, leader & overall person. Thank you for carrying this team through the very hardest of times when you could have easily given up and/or gone elsewhere."

"REECE you are the man! You have been the leader of this overachieving team for the past two years. You are one of the best that I have seen put on the uniform for the CARDS and I have been a fan since "81" Thank you for choosing THE VILLE for your school of choice. Come back as often as possible one day your jersey will hang in Freedom Hall, or our new arena guaranteed!"

"Thanks for all the memories Reece! We love you!"

"Absolutely,that is the hardest thing about the season ending.It really is hard to believe that he is gone,if it wasn't for him yesterday we would have been blown out.They ran plays to get open looks and Reece had to come down and create and carry us on his own.Thank you Reece and good luck in the future you will succeed at whatever you do."

"He went down in his last game for the Cards playing as he always did with everything he had...What a player..."

"we love you reece!!!!! don't know how i'm gonna feel with you not running my cards next year."

"Now, and forever, a legendary Cardinal!"

"Reece is a role model for work effort and determination. He will be a success in life."

"Thanks for doing your thing and leading this team to the C-USA championship title, as well as to the NCAA tournament."

"Reece you are one of the best players in Cards history and thanks for everything you have done for the program. We owe a lot to you and hopefully you can come back and celebrate with us when we win a national championship."

"My thanks go to him for an amazing 4 years, there were ups and downs...but Reece kept his head up the whole way."

"it makes it tougher to lose a great player when he is a great person as well. Good job!!"

"Reece, I too would like to express my personal thanks for the efforts you have given our program over the past four years. Never have I seen you act without class. I hope that the years with us have left you with fond memories. I have two young boys who I hope grow up to maintain the standard you have acheived. Of course, you are always going to be family to us. Best of luck in the NBA."

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