Commitment Watch: Aaron Epps

Aaron Epps, a 6-foot-6.5, 246 lb. offensive tackle from Tucker, Ga., committed to play football for the University of Louisville back in September. That commitment, he says, was largely due to the Cardinal coaching staff.

"The coaching staff in general set them apart," Aaron Epps said. "When I first talked to the offensive line coach (Dave Borbely) I was thinking ‘this is where I want to be for the next four years.' That usually doesn't happen, but I had that with him."

Epps has a good relationship with Running Backs and Special Teams Coach Kenny Carter.

"He's a cool dude," said Epps. "I caught on to him real quick when we met at their camp. Usually you don't do that with someone you just me either, but it's like a father/son thing more that coach/player. He only gets one call a week, so I call him more than he does me just to say what's up."

The lineman hasn't gone on any visits or been to any games, but he plans on making more than one trip to Louisville soon.

"I haven't been anywhere yet," he said. "I'm going to see them (Louisville) play versus South Florida, and then against West Virginia the next weekend."

With those two visits planned, Epps may not take any other trips.

"Honestly, I don't think I'll go anywhere else," he said. "Maybe to Central Florida, but I doubt it."

Epps has not received any new scholarship offers.

"Once I committed everyone kind of backed off," he said. "It's like no one is really coming after me anymore."

With his high school season in full swing, Epps is having trouble finding time to make any other visits.

"I've been strictly dedicated to my team with our hectic schedule," he said. "I only have time on weekends after games."

Epps and Tucker High School currently boast an 8-0 record with two regular season games to go. One more win could put the Tigers on top in their region.

"We're undefeated right now," said Epps. "We play Lithonia (Lithonia, Ga.) on Friday, and that should put us at 9-0 and we'd be region champs."

The Tigers, Epps says, are very close. He feels this has made them a better team.

"We don't really have specific goals," he said. "We just play together and try to make each other better. We have 32 seniors, and a lot of us started last year so we know how each other plays."

Epps says after games the film room turns into a competition.

"From watching film, my coaches say I'm getting better every game," he said. "We get graded on a scale of one-to-three points each game, so we all have a battle to see who can get the most points."

Epps has improved many areas of his game. He posted seven knockdown blocks and five pancakes last game, but he has an interesting take when it comes to pass blocking.

"I've improved my strength and footwork," he said. "I do a lot of run blocking and down blocking, and then pass blocking is like a piece of cake to me. It's like playing one-on-one basketball."

Regardless of the sport, Epps still wants to improve some areas of his game before arriving in the Derby City next fall.

"I still want to work on blocking in space," he said. "I don't have a problem with blocking linemen and linebackers, but I want to get better at blocking when I get to the secondary."

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