Quotes from day one

Quotes from head coach Bobby Petrino and sophomore running back Eric Shelton, following the first day of practice.

Coach Bobby Petrino: The assistant coaches and players did a good job of getting prepared for the first practice. They came out with kind of an understanding of what we wanted to get done. They flew around. gave us good effort and gave us a lot of enthusiasm. We got a long way to go to get where we want to be, but if they keep giving that effort and that focus we got a good chance of getting there.

Q: How was it for you being the head coach?

Coach Petrino: It was good, I enjoyed it.

Eric Shelton

Q: How does it feel to be back out on the field?

Shelton: It feels good since it's been like early October or late September, the week after the Florida State game, since I've been out here. It feels good. I'm a little rusty, but you got to get back in it.

Q: After your rehab, were you able to spend time in the weight room?

Shelton: The weight room has given me a lot of opportunities to get strong in areas that I was rusty in, as far as power cleaning, especially when I got my leg back right, squating and just a lot of time mentally to get my thoughts focused on what I need to do as far as football and in the classroom.

Q: What are your thoughts about Coach Petrino and his scheme?

Shelton: From what I've seen him do at Auburn and from the intensity he brings and his offense, as far as coming straight at you. He cares a lot about offense as I'm sure you all know. I like that because I'm an offensive player and I'm going to buy into it. I'm going to do everything that he asks me to do and hopefully he can make me into a better player.

Q: What do you think about having a two-back set?

Shelton: I like that. I wasn't used to playing the one-back set. When I was in high school we ran a two-back set and when I was at Florida State we ran a two-back set, so that's what I'm used to. I like the extra blocker. It gives me an opportunity to make a cut.

Q: Will you be the guy to step up and become the go to guy?

Shelton: Hopefully I am. I've got two guys competing with me and I think we've got a rookie coming in that's supposed to be real good, so it's just all about your work ethic and intense you want to be on the field. I think intensity's going to win the battle of the running backs because that's what Coach Petrino likes and I bring a lot of intensity, so it's going to be a competitive spring and summer.

Q: Any differences that you see because of the new staff?

Shelton: I think practices are more uptempo since the new coaches have come in. My coach hasn't changed since last season. I still have coach Thomas and I know him well. I think it's changed as far as tempo.

Q: Were you concerned when John L. Smith left?

Shelton: No it wasn't a concern for me because I knew that the University of Louisville would get the right coach. I knew that when they came in that I was going to help as best that I could. I'm hungry and ready to play, so I'm going to get out there and do the best that I can come August 31st.

Q: Will the battle for quarteback effect you?

Shelton: No, just as long as they know the plays and they know how to hand it off to me and get it to the receivers.

Q: How would you grade your first day in practice?

Shelton: I give myself 85%. I knew all the plays because me and the offense have been getting together and going over the plays and getting what we need to know so we can come out here and beat the defense. The only downfall was pass routes and I'm going to get better at that.

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