Offseason rumors and other tidbits

The offseason is a time when rumors and other tidbits make the rounds here locally. ITV's heard them all. We've heard from reliable and trusted sources rumors about Mick Cronin, Sean May, Steve Thomas, and the ACC and we share them with you.

Offseason rumors and other tidbits

The offseason is traditionally a time when rumors, speculation and other interesting items make the rounds in Cardinal circles.  I've put together some of the more interesting and credible rumors and other tidbits that have come my since the basketball season came to an end last weekend in Birmingham. 

I make no promises that these rumors will actually come to fruition but thought I'd share them with you none the less.

  • Word is that Mick Cronin has privately been offered the head coaching job at Murray State and the job is his if he wants it.  Cronin is said to mulling the offer and is being advised the job would be an excellent career starter for a young coach of his talent and ability.  We could know something as early as next week.


  • The Sean May rumors continue to circulate around town.  Apparently many of UNC's talented freshmen are threatening to transfer if Coach Dougherty is retained next season.  According to an excellent source here in town, word out of Bloomington, May's hometown, is that UofL is a serious consideration for the former McDonald's All American.


  • Word in Birmingham last week was that 6'8, 240 Steve Thomas from the University of Georgia may end up at UofL next season if the Bulldogs are placed on probation and are banned from post season play next season.  If that occurs, Thomas would be immediately eligible and would have one season of eligibility remaining.  Thomas averaged 11 points and 7.7 rebounds last season as the Dawgs starting center.


  • Rumors that UofL will be leaving C-USA for greener pastures in the Atlantic Coast Conference are picking up steam locally.  ITV has heard from various sources close to the UofL program that something has been brewing behind the scenes for several months and we've recently heard from prominent local businessmen as well as those close to the athletic program that word of a new conference affiliation could be given in a matter of weeks. Stay tuned!

Remember, these are rumors at this point and we don't claim that any will actually come to fruition but each of the rumors come from trusted and reliable sources.  Take them for what they're worth.


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