Day Two: Quotes

Quotes from head coach Bobby Petrino, offensive coordinator and receivers coach Paul Petrino and junior wide receiver Antoine Harris, following a second day of practice.

Offensive Coordinator/Receivers Coach Paul Petrino

ITV: What do you think of the group of receivers after spending two days on the practice field with them?

Paul Petrino: I think we have a chance to be good. We're still making little mistakes here and there, but I'm definately seeing some things that'll excite you. I think we have some talent and a chance to be good. We just got to keep coming out here and getting better every day. I see some guys with some speed and with some play making ability so it's exciting.

ITV: It looks like you guys were able to spend some time and grade the players after the first day.

Paul Petrino: We did. [Saturday] will be even a bigger day for that since we'll have the pads on. That's a big difference for the wideouts. They know they aren't going to get hit when they catch without the pads. I think after [Saturday] we can sit back and really grade these three days and by Sunday have a good idea of at least a starting point at where these guys are at.

ITV: I've noticed that you are running fairly hard yourself, sprinting down the field with the receivers during their routes.

Paul Petrino: That's just my personality. It's the way my dad coached and I always believed that way. I'm just trying to get my personality across to the players and into the offense.

Head Coach Bobby Petrino

ITV: How are things looking after two days?

Bobby Petrino: We got a long way to go. We're still making some mistakes, but I'm encouraged by our effort and they way they're flying around. I'm actually happy with the play of the quarterbacks. I think they have somewhat of an understanding of what we want to do, but of course it's always easier on the quarterbacks when the pads are off.

ITV: There seems to be a lot of excitement out on the fields?

Bobby Petrino: There is, they are all excited about it. They've all worked hard together in the weight room. I was encouraged when I first got here, because their attitudes were good and that these players expect to win. They are a little upset and mad that things didn't turn out they way they wanted them last year, so that's a real good start.

Receiver Antoine Harris

ITV: After missing so much of the season last year because of your injury, how's it feel to be back at 100%?

Antoine Harris: It feels real good to be back with guys and start from scratch and to be out here everyday.

ITV: How has the transition to the new coaching staff been for you?

Antoine Harris: I like the new staff a lot. They seem to be out here working to improve everything, so I'm ready to get out and play.

ITV: How do you feel about the new offensive scheme of Coach Petrino's?

Antoine Harris: As soon as we heard he was coming, we knew what they used to do and what the offense used to be like, everyone got excited and called each other. We all got up and started to get ready to go the next day.

ITV: This appears to be a very talented group of receivers. What's the compition like?

Antoine Harris: We're all talking about it to each other. We all have to fight for our position, because nobody has a spot right now, so it's making us all better.

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