Burke talks failed fourth down in OT

Louisville senior quarterback Justin Burke threw a career-high three touchdown passes, but was also stopped on fourth-and-inches in overtime during the Cards' 24-21 loss to South Florida on Saturday. After the game Burke answered questions about the game and InsideTheVille.com was there.

Q: Can you talk about the last play?

A: "I didn't get low enough and I didn't get enough push. To be 1 inch away it really hurt, but you have to make a play. Coach Strong believes in us in doing that, but we didn't get it done.

"The strength of our team is the offensive line and we put in our their backs. I just felt like I let them down on that one."

Q: Did you think you made it?

A: "I thought so, but they made a heck of a play on that."

Q: Did you think you had forward progress?

A: "I thought so, but it's not our call and it's not South Florida's call. We just have to go make a yard instead of an inch."

Q: Did you like the decision to go for it?

A: "That is absolutely what everybody wanted to do. You have to get 1 inch and you win the football game."

Q: What was the mood in the locker room after the game?

A: "It's down right now, but Coach Strong is good about getting us back up and believes that we can go win. We have got to go and take care of business in the next two weeks."

Q: Has the bar been raised for this program?

A: "The standard is very high, so we have to go win football games. That's the standard, win every week."

Q: How did you think the defense played today?

A: "I feel terrible for our defense because they played their butts off."

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