Pace hopes to join brother at L'ville

Jarius Pace, a 6-1, 200-pound running back from Orlando, Fla., hopes to land in the Big East next season. The brother of Louisville running back Jeremy Wright, Pace has his eyes on Charlie Strong's program.

Jarius Pace out of Clermont, Fl is East Ridge high's feature back. The speedy running back has had some good production after he cleared the air with some eligibility issues.

"Well, I feel like I did okay this season. I didn't play to my full potential because I've been sort of frustrated about the poor ruling I went through my junior year," Pace said. "The ruling got to me and I had laid off and tried to focus on my academics. I got another chance to play my senior year and being out for the first three games really messed with me. I really couldn't find my grove until week seven, so I feel I did all right this season."

Even with his frustration, Pace still feels he's improved this season especially in the classroom.

"Well the biggest improvement I over came this season was my academics. That was my main focus because I know when the time comes for me to shine it would happen. My grandmother and brother always told me if God is with me who could be against me," he stated.

Pace's recruitment is beginning to heat up as the recruiting season winds down. He's got his eyes on a few Big East teams right now, but still wants to keep his options alive.

"The schools that I am hearing from at this point of time are Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Bethune Cookman, FAMU, West Virginia, Middle Tennessee, Louisville, Wake Forest, and Connecticut. I really haven't made a choice yet," Pace revealed. "I have been really focusing on Louisville and Connecticut right now. It really has come down to those two schools because I did some checks on them and they have really great academic programs there. I would love to play with my brother Jeremy Wright at Louisville or against him as a Husky."

He plans on waiting until signing day before making a commitment, but Pace is focused on academics, coaches, and getting out of state.

"I plan on waiting till signing day to make a full commitment to any college just to be sure of my decision, but my options are still open," Pace said. "The biggest thing I am looking for in a school is the academics because I want something to fall back on when football is over."

"I am looking for a relationship with the coaches, because I want to feel comfortable at wherever I decide to go. The distance in my eyes plays a huge factor in my decision as well, because I want to get out of Florida and start a new life and take the next step."

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