Q & A: WR Joshua Tinch

Two sport star Joshua Tinch chatted with ITV following Thursday's scrimmage.

Having finished the 2002 season with 406 receiving yards, second best on the team, Joshua Tinch is the top returning wide out. Tinch also saw action during the winter months as a member of basketball Cardinals.

I visited with Joshua for a few moments following Thursday's scrimmage.

ITV: How did the first scrimmage go for you?

Joshua Tinch: It was okay. We really got after each other and it was something that we needed to do. I think for a first scrimmage, it went pretty good.

ITV: You had a couple impressive catches today.

Joshua Tinch: I just try to go out in every practice like it's a game. I'm going to come out and work hard every day, lift weights and listen to what the coaches say. When you listen to what the coaches are saying, then good things will happen for you.

ITV: What did you think when you saw J.R. Russell forced to do pushups after his showboating into the endzone?

Joshua Tinch: I think that's a good way to teach things. Now when he gets in a game he won't make that same mistake. We had a couple (last year) who did in games because they did it in practice too and then they would get a penalty and it would put us in bad field position. That's a good way to let him know that after you get in the endzone, you celebrate on the sidelines.

ITV: How has the transition from basketball to football been?

Joshua Tinch: It hasn't effected my play. I have had to catch up with my learning, because they all ready knew a lot of the system and I didn't know any. I guess God blessed me with the mind that helped come in and learn quickly. I know most of it now. I look at it when I go home and look at every morning.

ITV: Now that you have had an opportunity to start studying it, what do you think?

Joshua Tinch: We're looking forward to putting a lot of points on the board. Everybody could make a big play because we could go long, or short catches and then break somebody down. We have the ability to do a lot of things, so I think it's going to be a real good offense.

ITV: The coaches are also working the receivers with proper blocking techniques, has that helped you?

Joshua Tinch: Yes it has. If a runningback is running the ball or a receiver running the ball, it might be your block that wins the ball game. If you don't do it, you might cause us to lose the championship. You have to play every play like it's your last and block for the runningback, receiver and the quarterback.

ITV: So what it is, Joshua or Greg? I've heard people call you both out here.

Joshua Tinch: Joshua. It's my biblical name and it's the name I took when I started reading the Bible and getting back to church.

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