Minkins talks about DB's, Moody attends practice

Corner Josh Minkins and 2003 signee Brent Moody spoke to ITV after Friday's practice session.

Minkins talks about DB's, punter Moody attends practice

Starting cornerback Josh Minkins is the veteran of the secondary.  He'll also be counted on to provide much needed leadership to a secondary that will break in two new starters at safety.

Josh spoke to ITV after Friday's practice.

ITV:  As one of the veterans of the secondary, talk about some of the differences between last year and this year.

Josh Minkins:  Coach Petrino is intensity.  We're in the sixth day and it's going so fast.  Coach Smith you know.  They're just two different coaches.  They're both good coaches though.  You learn from both of them.  Coach Petrino's schemes are totally different than what Coach Smith was trying to do.  But Coach Petrino's pace right now is so fast and it's something we've got to get used to right now and we're not used to it.

ITV:  Talk about the young safeties you've got behind you this season.

Josh Minkins:  So far they're doing good and I think they're going to be great.  Our secondary is going to be good once we learn the system.  The defensive plays, how the formations and what they're trying to attack.  The offense is throwing so much stuff at us right now we've got to pick up on it so quick.

ITV:  So what's the most difficult thing with a new staff?

Josh Minkins:  Learning the formations and what they're trying to do to you.  That's what we've got to pick up right now.  And we're going so fast but we're learning though.

ITV:  What's it like going up against a deep and talented receiving corp every day in practice?

Josh Minkins:  They're going to be good.  I think the offense will be real good. Great receivers, quarterbacks.  Once we get to one unit we'll be good.  But now we're just kind of learning our positions and what goes on.

Moody visits from Florida, looks forward to competing

2003 signee Brent Moody, a 6'2 punter from Tallahassee Lincoln is in town and attended Friday's practice session.  Brent spoke with ITV during practice and shared some of his thoughts.

Brent indicated he was enjoying his second visit to Louisville and was benefiting from spending time with the team and learning a little more about the city he will soon call home, at least for the next few years.

Brent told ITV that he's preparing to compete for the starting job as UofL's punter in the fall by working hard on his leg strength.  He's lifting and doing leg lunges several times a week to increase his flexibility and leg strength.

Brent said he is focused on coming in and competing in the fall but also said that he's willing to redshirt if it's best for the team.  He indicated that regardless whether he won the job next fall that the competition would only serve to better the eventual starter and all those who compete.

Brent said he's looking forward to coming back to Louisville in June to prepare for August drills and adjust to college life.  Teammate Todd Brigman will also join Moody in June.

Brent said he was pleased with the disciplined approach Coach Petrino adheres to and believes that method serves to better the entire team. 

As has been the case with all the players we've talked to that Coach Petrino signed in February, Brent is an outstanding young man with a winning attitude and he'll certainly have a positive impact on the Cardinal football program. 


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