Q & A: LB Coach Kevin Wolthausen

Following Friday's practice I visited with linebackers coach Kevin Wolthausen to discuss the progress of his unit.

With one returning starter in Rod Day, the Cardinals new linebacker coach Kevin Wolthausen will need to turn to his 22-years of college coaching experience to help mold a new unit.

ITV: What are your thoughts on how the linebackers are looking so far?

Coach Wolthausen: We're progressing. We are giving them a lot of stuff and they are seeing a lot of stuff from the offense, so not only do they need to know their assignments, they also have to know adjustments and all the other things that we're doing.

ITV: With only one returning starter, have you found guys that you can expect leadership from?

Coach Wolthausen: There's a couple in that group, Rod Day for one and Robert McCune that have both played and will hopefully be our leader type guys. We told them that leadership can come from anyone, but you have to be able to go do it. You can't just lead by yelling at somebody, you got to do it by example.

ITV: When I spoke with Rod Day, who is somewhat of a quiet guy, he said something similar.

Coach Wolthausen: What he does and what I have asked of all those guys is that to be a leader you have to do it within your own personality, you can't fake it. Rod Day comes to work, he prepares and he goes out and he does it. That's leadership in itself.

ITV: How about some of the younger guys that may be seeing more action this year?

Coach Wolthausen: There's Brandon Johnson and Jonathon Jackerson that have played on the field before, so we can bring them along quickly. There's James Greene who's played here and he's an older guy and he's providing a lot of leadership. We also have John Cordoza and James Jackson and we just need to bring them along, because you need more than a couple guys.

ITV: Are you comfortable with how they are progressing?

Coach Wolthausen: Well, we'll find out more on (Saturday). A that position, there are some things that we've done that we feel good about and there's been some things that we aren't excited about. Really the test comes when someone's not in their ear telling them 'do this' and 'do that.' We got to see some of that on (Thursday), but (Saturday) will give us a better idea.

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