Bobby Petrino talks about scrimmage

The Cardinals head coach visited with the media following Saturday's full scrimmage and talked about the progress of the team.

With seven practice sessions, including todays full scrimmage, now in the past, Head Coach Bobby Petrino talks about the progress of the team and today's scrimmage.

ITV: What are your thoughts about today's scrimmage?

Coach Petrino: Well, I was real happy with the way the defense came out and the attitude and energy they had. I thought they did a good job of flying around and tackling. Offensively, we need to do a little better job, when they get one on one with a corner or safety, making a guy miss and making a big play. But, the defense had a lot of energy early, and played with real good enthusiasm and had some good hits. Both sides of the ball I thought the hitting was pretty good. As the scrimmage went on, the offensive line got better and that's important for us. We started to move the ball and made some big plays, but I think offensively we've got come out of the gate a lot better.

ITV: Did anyone stand out to you today?

Coach Petrino: Well, on the defense I think Brandon Johnson had a real good day. Montavious Stanley looked like he was in the backfield causing havoc all the time, Scotty Lopez. I think what you saw was a little more experience on the defensive front rather than the offensive front early. The two corners did a nice job. They were out there by themselves a lot and some of the reason they did a nice job was because of the up front pressure. It's always easier when there's a clock on that quarterback and you don't have to cover them forever, so I think the package on defense helped each other out which is important for us. On the offensive side I thought the two quarterbacks were inconsistent. I think they did some real good things but I think overall they just need to understand the defenses a little bit better, understand our offense and just be consistent. What I like to do is see them do what I think they're going to do, so they don't make stuff up out there, so when they see a certain front, a certain coverage and I am anticipating what's going to happen that they actually do that. We're just not there all the time yet, but they're working at it and getting better. I thought the running backs were pretty even between Gates and Shelton. I thought they both did some decent things and they both need to be a little better when they get one on one, but as the scrimmage went on I think you'll see the running game got better.

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