Players talk about their progress

Wide receiver J.R. Russell and defensive back Josh Minkins discuss Saturday's scrimmage, as well as their progress.

J.R. Russell
J.R. Russell pulled in 5 receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown in the Cardinals first full scrimmage on Saturday. Afterwards he chatted with Michael McCammon of Inside theVille.

ITV: How do think the first full scrimmage went?

Russell: Compared to what we did on Thursday, the offense came out a little slow. We just kept listening to coach and we kept pushing and pushing. Everything is not going to be perfect this early, but we just need to keep doing what we are doing and listening to the coaches and everything will keep getting better.

ITV: When Paul Petrino was here last time he developed a great group of receivers. Do you feel this group can do something similar?

Russell: You can tell the excitement among the receivers and all of the offense. What they are coaching us works. You have to believe in the system. It speaks for itself, because they were #1 in the country last time they were here. It's just about making the plays.

ITV: How do you feel you are doing?

Russell: Everyday I am on the field I have to make plays. I'm trying to give 110% everyday we come out.

ITV: Talk about the unit as a whole. There seems to be a lot of guys making big plays.

Russell: There is. Everyday in practice they get after all of us and it's only going to make us all better. I know once the season starts the offense is going to all be quick and with the depth we have we can go full speed all the time. You don't have to worry about getting tired, because someone just as good can come in.

Josh Minkins
Senior defensive back Josh Minkins is being looked upon for leadership in the secondary. He recorded a number of big hits, including one for a loss, in Saturday's scrimmage.

ITV: How do you feel the defense did in the scrimmage?

Minkins: Today it was pretty good. The other day we came out flat and then watched film. Today we just got after it. There was a big difference today. Last time we looked all tired and didn't show excitement, but today we showed a lot of excitement and we all ran to the ball. It makes a big difference and it helped us to get after the offense.

ITV: How did it feel on some of those hard hits you were giving out?

Minkins: Ah, it felt good. That's what you got to do. They'll keep coming at you and you have to get up keep bouncing back. You just can't lay down and let them run all over you, so if they keep coming at me, I'm just going to keep coming hard back at them.

ITV: What's your impression of the offense? They seem to throw more things at you guys every day.

Minkins: They have good schemes. The offense is going to be good. They keep throwing stuff at us, but that's what they do. Coach P. knows what he's doing.

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