Bridgewater Ready to be a Cardinal

Miami Northwestern QB Teddy Bridgewater recently committed to Louisville and at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, he spoke to about taking his five-star talent to the Cardinals.

This week's U.S. Army All-American Game represents the last time Teddy Bridgewater will be a high school athlete.

The Miami Northwestern quarterback recently committed to Louisville and is ready to enroll at the school for the second semester.

"Once I leave this game, I'm heading there," he said.

A one time Miami commitment, Bridgewater re-opened when head coach Randy Shannon was fired and it did not take long for him to decide Louisville was the right place/

"I went on a visit, sat down watched film with the coaches, broke down the roster and just had a good time. I felt comfortable there. I told myself I could see myself there for next four or five years and plus, they graduate two seniors at the quarterback position, so they'll have only one quarterback on the roster in the spring and I feel I could go in, compete, and start right away."

Bridgewater brought along wide receiver Eli Rogers, his go-to guy this season. Bridgewater says Rogers will not enroll early with him, but he will have a familiar face there in another former Bull, Michaelee Harris, a freshman at Louisville.

"All Micahelee said was 'that's all I needed to hear right there', cause he knows it's all business now. It's in the business stage for the next four or five years, we're in it together now."

Another big part of the commitment was the relationship Bridgewater built with the coaching staff. He says his mother also felt very comfortable with the Cardinal coaches.

"Well, the relationship with me and Coach Strong actually started through my mom. I let her talk to him first, just to see, just so she could get an impression of him. After she talked to him a couple times, she just started liking him...and with Coach Hurtt. That's the coach I'm closest to because he was down here at the University of Miami and I built a relationship when he was there and that was carried over."

What was not a factor was the Cardinals having another quarterback, Damarcus Smith, already in the fold.

"Yeah, you know, it wasn't really important, because if he comes in, we'll just have to compete and that's what life is about: competing."

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