1st Scrimmage Depth Chart

ITV's unofficial depth chart that was used in the first full scrimmage of spring practice.

Here's a look at the InsidetheVille.com's unofficial depth chart, which was utilized during the spring's first full scrimmage. We are not predicting that this is will be the final depth chart, it is simply a look at what players played with the first and second units most often on Saturday.

Keep in mind that Bobby Leffew, Ronnie Ghent and Richard Owens did not participate in the scrimmage and are not reflected in the depth chart. Many other players got some playing time and many of the positions could change before spring ball is over.

Scrimmage #1 Depth Chart | Offense
Pos. First Team Second Team
WR 25 Antoine Harris 2 Tiger Jones
LT 78 Travis Leffew 75 Bubba Marshall
LG 59 Jason Spitz 60 Chad Pinkston
C 68 Dan Koons 53 Michael Sturgeon
RG 66 Jerry Spencer 72 Jon Scarborough
RT 71 P.J. Tavarczky 69 Jason Hilliard
TE 87 Chad Jorgensen 45 Adam McCauley -or-
84 Langston Malin
WR 82 J.R. Russell 9 Joshua Tinch
QB 17 Stefan LeFors 7 Justin Rascati
TB 23 Lionel Gates 32 Eric Shelton -or-
28 T.J. Patterson
FB 41 D.J. Kamer 45 Adam McCauley
When utilizing 1-back set
WR 4 Broderick Clark 18 Dontay Spillman

Scrimmage #1 Depth Chart | Defense
Pos. First Team Second Team
DE 56 Marcus Jones 55 Matt Sanders
DT 93 Tyrone Saterfield 90 Scott Lopez
DT 92 Montavious Stanley 90 Scott Lopez
DE 58 Elvis Dumervil 61 Jeremy Segiun
OLB 97 Brandon Johnson 49 James Greene
MLB 54 Robert McCune 46 Jon Cardoza
OLB 40 Rod Day 52 Jonathon Jackerson
CB 5 Josh Minkins 10 Domonique Dunbar
CB 42 Laroni Gallishaw 27 Gavin Smart
S 19 Kerry Rhodes 34 Ray Childs
S 30 Brent Johnson 43 Abe Brown

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