Door Open?

Andrew Johnson, a long-time Ole Miss commit, flipped to Louisville a week ago. Even still, he's set for an official visit to the University of Mississippi this weekend. The three-star CB spoke with's Ole Miss site about his commitment to Louisville and upcoming visit to Oxford.

"West Virginia, Ole Miss, and Louisville have been by my house this week," the Miami Southridge product said. "But after I committed (to Louisville), I have mostly been talking to Louisville. Ole Miss did come by my house Sunday, though. Coach (Chris) Vaughn talked about some things with me."

Like what?

"He just told me that he was not going to stop recruiting me until I sign on the line because I am still open until then. They want me and Gerod Holliman to come up there this weekend, so we are going to go up there to check it out again."

Why did Johnson switch from Louisville to Ole Miss?

"At the time that I committed to Ole Miss it was out of the excitement from my visit there this summer. Everything felt good, but when I sat down and looked at my options, I felt like Louisville was the best place for me, because of early playing opportunities and being taught by some experienced coaches. Coach (Vance) Bedford has coached in the NFL and has some players in the league."

What is he hoping to see at Ole Miss this weekend to help solidify things?

"I am just really going up there because they have two cornerbacks that were kicked off of the team and one got injured. That opened their depth chart. I was already committed to them before, so I feel like I need to give them one last good look so I can see what all options are out there for me. I already know everything about Ole Miss. I know all about their history and tradition.

"I just want to see if I still feel the same excitement I had the last time I was up there this summer. I want to see if I have the same bond with the players and coaches. I got a lot of my friends up there like Ralph Williams, Delvin Jones, Charles Sawyer, Frank Crawford, Cliff Coleman, and a couple of their track members. They have been trying to get me to de-commit and go back to Ole Miss, but they know that it is probably in the best interest for me to go to Louisville."

On a confidence level, how sure is Johnson about his Louisville commit at the present time?

"I am about 80 percent sure. It is down to Ole Miss and Louisville. That I am 100 percent sure."

Andrew was named first team All-Dade, second team All-State and was nominated for Mr. Football this season. He finished the year at Miami Southridge with over 500 All-Purpose yards and 25 touchdowns, while playing mostly on offense.

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