Q & A: DE Elvis Dumervil

Following Tuesday's practice, ITV caught up with sophomore defensive end Elvis Dumervil to get his thoughts on the progress of the defensive line.

After seeing limited action as a true freshman, defensive end Elvis Dumervil will be counted on to help anchor the defensive line in 2003. I visited with Elvis following Tuesday's practice and discussed the competition and the progress of the defensive line.

ITV: How has the competition for defensive end been so far?

Dumervil: It's been real good. We all just have to go out there and work harder everyday. There's a lot of competition out there so we are all fighting for a spot.

ITV: What do think about the progress of the defensive line?

Dumervil: We are strong as far as a lot of experience, but we don't have a lot of depth. The guys that are out here though are all going all out the whole time. We just have to work harder to make up for the depth that we don't have.

ITV: What do you enjoy about playing defensive end?

Dumervil: I love the pass rush. I love sacks. That's my goal on every third down...it's crunch time and want to get in there and get the sack.

ITV: What's different this year compared to last year in practice?

Dumervil: I've only been here for one year, so I can't speak of it much, but from what I can tell so far is that I think this year we do more of working on football concentration. We go over more plays and especially the fundamentals. Last year it was just making contact and getting used to hitting, but this year it is more studying too.

ITV: What do think about the new coaching staff?

Dumervil: They are fired up and I love it. They get you hyped and make up want to work harder. These coaches get you excited and that's different for me from last year.

ITV: Have you guys come up with a nickname for the defensive line yet?

Dumervil: So far I think we are the 'New Breed.'

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