Positional evaluations

ITV's Steve Richey breaks down each position in this article.

Spring Practice # 8 

With over half of the practices over you can see the team is really starting to catch on to the offense and defense. You see the offense already adding new plays, working on more sets and the routes the receivers are running are crisper. The defense is also adding some blitz packages and they are starting to react instead of thinking. There is long way to go to that first game, but a nice progression none the less. 

QB – Both QB's have things they do well. Today in the wind they both made nice passes down field. Emanual Hassell had a great catch where he split the 2 DB's and Rascati hit him full stride. LeFors has great speed and agility, and he also has a nice sideline pass to JR Russell. To close to call today, but round 3 is tomorrow. 

RB  – Eric Shelton is big, strong, very quick and has great moves. However Gates is matching him at this point and I would say ahead of Shelton. Gates does a little better job of blocking and picking up the blitz.


WR  – JR Russell has been the most consistent of all the receivers. He and Spillman have been showing the most out of this deep bunch of receivers. Tinch, Harris, Clark and Hassell have shown signs of brilliance. Tiger and Glenn are getting some quality snaps but are just a step behind the rest right now. 

OL – I like the move of Foster to the line. With Harley now practicing with the DL and Kraig Shelton coming in this fall, I think the depth of the DL allows the big 6-6 310 pound Foster to help this team on the offensive line. The OL is going to be good this year. I think insert of the new offense that is geared to help the OL with blitzes with quick strikes and 2 back will make this unit look much better this year. And much of the talent came back from last year. And with the OL, playing together for a long time means so much. 

TE  – Not much to report other then I like they way the TE is being used. This might be as deep as UL has ever been at TE when fall comes around. Ghent, Ownes and Jorgenson are all solid TE's and McCauley is a nice addition.  


DL – Dumervile, Lopez, Saterfield and Jones are running with the ones right now. Leffew has been watching the last couple of practices. Stanley, Segiun, Sanders and Pinkston are backing them up right now. I look for Stanley to take a starting spot if he continues to play the way he has. 

LB – This is a very good group. Hammer, Day and Brandon Johnson are looking pretty solid as starters. I am very impressed with John Cardoza. He is big at 6-2 235lbs and could be a solid run stopper. I think he has a way to go in pass coverage, but with time he should develop into a solid MLB. 

DB – The hit of the day was Rhodes on Hassell. Rhodes timed it perfect on a post pattern to jar the ball lose. Abe Brown is huge and to think we could have 2 safeties in the game with both being 6-3 to 6-4. Gavin Smart has really stepped up on CB and I look for him to make a contribution this fall. I still see some true freshmen coming in and seeing playing time here. Not because of the lack of talent, but the lack of numbers. We will be building depth at CB for the future. 






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