Coach Bobby Petrino discusses Thursday scrimmage

Head Coach Bobby Petrino answered questions following Thursdays controlled scrimmage.

Question: Talk about today's scrimmage.

Coach Bobby Petrino: This was a controlled scrimmage. All we were working was situations. We worked 1st and 10, 2nd and medium, we worked 3rd and short, 3rd and medium, 3rd and long. We worked coming out and started the ball on the minus one and worked coming off the goal line, so that we are used to doing that, both offensively and defensively. Then we worked, what we call the critical zone, the 20-yard line going in. Sometimes it's hard to measure when you bring the ball back all the time, because basically you are trying to play one play at a time. We'll look at the video and really see how well we did play.

Question: The defense seems to be flying around a little better.

Coach Petrino: I think [Coach Mike Gillhamer] has got them running to the ball. The safties are doing a much better job making tackles. Offensively I haven't been happy that we haven't broken any long runs lately. All though, I thought Eric Shelton did a much better job running the ball today. He showed some power, showed some real good second effort and that's what you're going to need to make those long runs.

Question: Talk about the depth that among the receivers. It seems like each practice another guy steps up his play a little bit.

Coach Petrino: I think it's a pretty deep crew. I really like the way J.R. Russell has been playing and we really can't get him the ball enough right now, because he makes a lot of plays. I think in the first two scrimmages he had two touchdowns in each of them and I don't think he had any today. At the inside receiver position we've been rotating in there with Antoine Harris and Joshua Tinch and they're both competing at it and doing pretty well. Then Broderick Clark. I like Victor Glenn. Vic can play all three spots. He's a real, real good route runner. He doesn't have the blazing speed that some of the other guys possess, but he'll normally catch the ball when it's thrown to him.

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