Woods preparing for next season

Tony Woods, a transfer from Wake Forest, is attending classes at JCC this semester, and preparing himself to play next season for Rick Pitino's Cardinals. The future Louisville center recently spoke with InsideTheVille.com about adjusting to his new surroundings.

Tony Woods is adjusting to his new home.

Woods, a Wake Forest transfer, will suit up for Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals next season. In the meantime, the 6-foot-11 center is taking classes at Jefferson Community College and staying in shape.

"Right now I'm living here in Louisville," Woods told InsideTheVille.com. "I'm taking junior college classes at JCC so I can play at the start of next season."

Because he's taking courses at JCC, Woods will be eligible at the start of the 2011-12 season. Though he's not able to work out with his future Louisville teammates, Woods has hired a personal trainer, though he's doing much of the work on his own while he sits outs this year.

"I'm really on my own," Woods said. "Louisville can't really do anything for me or help me out. It's challenging, but it's something I have to do. It's the consequence of the things that took course and I have to get through it.

"I'm just trying to work out as much as I can. I'm taking 18 hours, it's kind of a load, but when I have time on the weekends I work out, I lift weights, and stay in shape…just try to stay on top of things so I'll be ready to step in and contribute…"

Woods also has the support of his father, who moved to Louisville, and his uncle, who also lives nearby.

"It's a big adjustment," Woods said. "It's a bigger city, a lot more going on. But it's not too difficult. My dad has moved here to support me. I have an uncle here. So I'm not alone. I have them for support and to help me find my way around."

Since moving to Louisville, Woods has developed a friendship with Jeffersontown star Zach Price, who signed with Louisville last fall. Those two attended Wayne Blackshear's game together last weekend at Eastern High School against Western.

"Me and Zach are pretty cool," Woods said. "I hang around with him. He comes over quite often. We watched the UConn game over at my house and we were on the couch just going crazy."

Though Woods can't play or workout with his future UofL teammates, he does occasionally hang out with the Cardinals.

"Technically, I can't play with them [Louisville players], but I do hang out with them occasionally after they win or something," Woods said. "I'll hang out with those guys, but as far as basketball I can't do anything."

Woods, who averaged 4.6 points and 3.2 rebounds as a sophomore for Wake Forest, should help bolster Louisville's frontcourt next season. He is a tough, athletic inside presence who made 60.8 percent of his shots last season.

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