Coach Petrino talks about Saturday's scrimmage

Following a scrimmage that displayed a balanced offense and a defense that came up with some big plays, Head Coach Bobby Petrino visited with the media.

Today's scrimmage was the last Saturday work for the football program during the spring practice session and the progress continued to show.

Head Coach Bobby Petrino continues to be impressed by the wide receivers and secondary. He also talks about the continued improvement of the running attack, especially sophomore Eric Shelton, who had 20 carries for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns in the scrimmage.

Question: What did you think about today?

Coach Petrino: To be honest, I thought we got better today as a football team. I thought the ability to run the ball between Eric Shelton and Lionel Gates and Reggie Bradshaw. The offensive line is starting to get some push. Defensively, I'm really happy with those two corners. They can make plays and that will allow us to be real aggressive and be able to bring our linebackers and mix it up. I was happy that when Robert McCune went to guard duty this weekend that there was no sulking and that's going to happen all year long. When you miss someone you have to overcome the adversity and just go out and play. I thought John Cardoza stepped up and did a nice job there in the middle.

Question: Shelton seemed to get a lot of carries today, especially around the goal line. How do you think he did on the day?

Coach Petrino: I think he did a lot better. He has started to hit the hole harder. I've always thought that he has saw it, but he hesitated a little bit. I think you are seeing more of the rust come off and he feels more confident. He knows what the plays are first of all and the speed at which can go execute those plays and the offensive line gave him a few more creases in there, which helps a lot too.

Question: You've talked about him making big plays and today he broke a few tackles.

Coach Petrino: He did. Coach Joel Thomas has been trying to emphasize that and making yards after contact, breaking tackles and going the distance. We actually got the running backs to break a few out there today. They're still close at breaking one longer, but they did a nice job today.

Question: Talk about the receivers.

Coach Petrino: I think we got a lot of depth there. They need to continue to get better, particularly when it's a one on one situation. What's nice is that our corners are challenging them, playing them tight, pressing them. Between J.R. Russell and Broderick Clark and Emanuel Hassell made some plays out there. I like Victor Glenn because he can play any of the positions, he's real experienced and probably the best pure route runner.

Question: There seems to be consistant pressure on the quarterback. Are you pleased with the development of the defensive line?

Coach Petrino: Our defensive front is going to be pretty good I think. I'd like to get one more edge rusher. I've been real happy with Scott Lopez, I think he's been real active and being pushed be Tyrone Satterfield helps a lot. They are able to get some pressure out of the four man rush and then the blitzes they're running and mixing them up. The more pressure you get from the four man rush is the better you can be in the secondary.

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