Louisville offers Indianapolis lineman

First offers are nice, and Bishop Chatard (Indianapolis, IN) offensive lineman Sid Anvoots' first was even nicer as it came from a BCS program.

Sid Anvoots admits every morning, one of the first things he does is check his facebook for messages from the numerous college coaches who send him mail on the social network.

Today, he had one from his Louisville recruiter Vance Bedford, but he never dreamed it would turn into an offer.

"He asked, can you give me a call sometime today to talk about football," Anvoots explained. "I told him I was on my way to school and I'd have to call him after school. I gave him a call at 3:30, and he plain out asked me if I had any offers yet. They he said how does it feel to have your first offer?"

The 6-4, 280-lb Anvoots admits he does not want to let up on working towards being the best football player he can be, but acknowledged that this was a significant step.

"It feels great. I have a lot of relief off shoulders. I don't want it to be too much relief, but I'm really happy and excited. I still have smile on my face from talking to him, and I called my head coach."

So far, Anvoots says he has a good impression of the coaching staff.

"They seem like a bunch of happy guys. They were very busy it sounded like when I was talking on the phone. I know they've recruited Chatard for awhile. I know it's in Kentucky. We drive past every time we go to Florida."

The next time the Anvoots' go to Louisville, it will be more than just passing through.

"I'm definitely going to take the time to go down there. Coach told me they start spring practice on March 23rd and have practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They want me to get down and talk to them."

Anvoots visits Purdue on March 9th, as he continues to sift through all the colleges who contact him.

The Cardinals struck first with an offer, and the school and surrounding area have one big, non-football related plus which will make Louisville tough to beat.

"They have a Frisch's Big Boy there."

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