Louisville makes strong impression on Sealand

Jacob Sealand, a promising 2012 linebacker prospect from Tucker, Ga., made an unofficial visit to Louisville Friday. Sealand discussed the visit with InsideTheVille.com, and explained why Louisville is a serious option in his recruitment.

Jacob Sealand, a promising 2012 linebacker prospect from Tucker, Ga., made an unofficial visit to Louisville Friday. Sealand and his parents spent the day in Louisville touring the campus and athletic facilities and talking with the Cardinal coaches and players.

"It went very well," Sealand told InsideTheVille.com. "It was a unique experience. We got there and toured the campus. We hung out with Coach [Kenny] Carter and Coach [Brian] Jean-Mary and they toured us around. I met every coach and met with the academic advisor. Then me and my parents met with Coach [Charlie] Strong in his office for about 15 minutes and talked about Louisville."

Sealand said he had a good conversation with the Louisville head coach.

"He said they have a one of kind coaching staff," Sealand said. "He said they have 13 national championships together as a coaching staff. He said they are starting to turn the program around to how they used to be. He wants to make Louisville known again. He didn't say much about the last bowl game. They won it, but he said they want to be in BCS bowls. He said they'd love me to be a part of that."

Sealand came away from his visit impressed with Louisville's facilities and Strong's staff.

"They definitely have nice facilities that rival some of the best ones I've seen," said Sealand. "The coaching staff, they take care of all the players. I got to see how they interact with all the players. It's a real good environment up there."

Sealand also talked with several of the Louisville players, who spoke highly of Strong's program and coaching staff.

"They said it's real exciting, and it's tough," Sealand said. "That's what I'm looking for in a program. I don't want to go to a program that's easier than my high school because Coach Franklin Stephens is tough on us. They said it's a great environment up there, and the coaches push you to be the best you can be in school and on the football field.

Last week before his visit to Louisville, Sealand told Chad Simmons that South Carolina and Virginia Tech were the top schools on his list. Where do the Cardinals stand after the visit?

"Louisville is definitely up there now," Sealand said. "I didn't say Louisville in that interview because I hadn't seen Louisville yet. Now that I've seen them they are definitely up there."

Aaron Epps, one of Sealand's high school teammates, signed with Louisville last month and will be a freshman for the Cardinals next season. That could benefit Louisville's efforts with Sealand. "Oh, definitely, it's always good to have someone you know at school there," Sealand said.

Sealand now plans to visit Virginia Tech and South Carolina during spring break. He's hoping to make a college this spring or summer. "I'd love to be able to commit before my season starts so I can focus on the season," Sealand said. "When I get that feeling, I'll pull the trigger. I had a good feeling about Louisville."

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