Q&A: Renardo Foster

Renardo Foster, a 6'6 315 redshirt freshman from Ripley, TN spoke with ITV following Tuesday's practice session about his recent switch from the defensive line to offensive tackle.

Foster doing well on offensive line

Renardo Foster, a 6'6, 315 redshirt freshman from Ripley, TN was moved from defensive line to offensive tackle a week ago and seems to be a natural on the offensive line.

Foster is blessed with incredible size, tremendously quick feet and good agility.  He comes off the ball well and appears to be making solid strides learning his new position.  He's currently seeing time with the second string offense and looks to have a bright future on the Cardinal offensive line.

Foster spoke with ITV following Tuesday's practice about the transition from the defensive line to the offensive side of the ball.

ITV: How's the transition from defensive line  to the offensive going?

Foster:  It's going good so far.  I need to improve a lot more on plays and techniques.  This is my first time playing offense but I think I'll get onto it.

ITV: Talk about the learning process.

Foster:  I'm picking some of the things up pretty good but there's some things that are coming along real slow.  But I'm learning every day.

ITV:  Talk about some of the more challenging aspects for you.

Foster: Techniques are one.  Kicks, line and pass pro[tection] and all the techniques like that.  As far as plays, I've pretty much got them down.

ITV:  What do think about switching positions?

Foster: I was fine with defense but Coach Petrino told me that I would have a great shot at offense.  So I just wanted to go ahead and try offense.

ITV:  Do you have any advantages playing offense having played defense in the past?

Foster: A little bit because I know the defensive players tendencies and all that.  So I know some of their moves and I can be ready for them.

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