ITV Q&A: Laroni Gallishaw

Junior corner back Laroni Gallishaw will be counted on to provide leadership for a yound Cardinal secondary next season. Gallishaw had three tackles during the spring game and spoke with ITV following the game.

Laroni Gallishaw

Junior corner Laroni Gallishaw had a good spring and will be counted on to provide leadership for a young Cardinal secondary next season.

A two year starter in the Cardinal secondary, Gallishaw is a big corner with excellent speed and coverage ability and is considered by knowledgeable football observers to have pro potential.

Gallishaw made three tackles Friday night in the annual Spring Game and spoke to ITV following the action.

ITV:  How did it go out there tonight?

Gallishaw:  I thought the game went pretty good.  It was pretty slow though, we played a little basic defense, we couldn't really get into our dog package.  But it went pretty good though.

ITV:  What's the dog package?

Gallishaw:  That's our blitz package.  A lot of people flying around hitting. 

ITV: How do you think the spring went?

Gallishaw:  The spring went real good.  The secondary came together and got all our techniques down that we had to learn.  Everything went well though.

ITV:  What's the secondary have to improve during the summer?

Gallishaw:  I think our communication in the secondary.  We've got to communicate with the linebackers in the secondary and everybody being on the same page.

ITV:  Do you feel the defensive line can put enough pressure on quarterbacks to help the secondary this season?

Gallishaw: Yeah we've got a real good line d-line.  If they come out to play everyday, that makes the secondary look good.  If they get the rush and get the ball off quick then we've just got to pick it.  So if our d-line comes to play every game we'll win.

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