ITV Q&A: Broderick Clark

Sophomore speedster Broderick Clark was a standout kick returner last season. Last night he demonstrated he has the same potential as a wide receiver, catching 5 passes for 139 yards and 2 TD's. Clark spoke with ITV following the action.

Broderick Clark

Sophomore Broderick Clark was a standout kick returner last season as a freshman.  This season the speedster from Alabama looks to make a big impact for the offense from his wide receiver position.

Clark, who struggled in earlier scrimmages this spring, was the star of the annual Spring Game Friday night in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.  Clark hauled in 5 receptions for 139 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.

Following the action, Clark spoke with ITV.

ITV:  How's it feel to be back out here on the field signing all these autographs?

Clark: I'm just out here doing it for the kids.  I've been struggling all spring to make plays and I just kept like coach told me my confidence up, and just it will come eventually.

ITV:  You struggled a bit in the earlier scrimmages.  What was the difference tonight?

Clark:  Oh nothing.  I just finally came around and got my confidence up.  Coaches told me just stay in there and he had confidence in me.  The lights came on and I made plays.

ITV:  You were a standout last season on special teams.  What are your expectations for the upcoming season as your role expands more on offense?

Clark:  I've got high expectations for myself.  Coach got high expectations for me.  We all just have to come out and make plays and we expect to be the number one offense in the nation.

ITV:  What are you going to concentrate to improve this summer?

Clark: Just my catching the ball, my route running , get faster, get stronger.  Mainly just catch the ball.

ITV:  Talk a little about the quarterbacks throwing the ball to you.

Clark:  We've got two great quarterbacks coming in behind Dave.  Stephon has been behind Dave for a couple years and he's learned a lot from Dave.  Justin is a freshman but he doesn't play like a freshman.  They both coming in throwing the ball well.  Stephon has great confidence and he's just like a second coach on the field with us.  And both of them just playing real good right now.

ITV: Do you feel more comfortable with either one of the quarterbacks?

Clark:  Not really one I feel more comfortable with cause both of them can get the job done.  I think whichever one coach puts out there will get the job done.

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