Garcia: "I made the right choice coming here"

Francisco Garcia, the C-USA Freshman of the Year, spoke with ITV recently. Garcia is working hard to gain strength, expand his skills and become the team's leader. Garcia spoke at length about his progress and plans during the offseason.

Francisco Garcia

After waiting nearly 30 minutes following Friday night's spring game to talk with Francisco Garcia while he finished signing autographs on the field, ITV had an opportunity to speak with the Conference USA Freshman of the Year. 

A charismatic player, Garcia quickly became a fan favorite during an outstanding freshman season because of his infectious smile and winning attitude.  Garcia promises to become one of the best all around players in Cardinal history and is looking forward to expanding his range of skills and leadership role next season.

Garcia, who said his knee felt fine, spoke about his offseason progress, plans for the summer and expectations for his sophomore season.

ITV: What's it's like to be a superstar?

Garcia:  No, I don't think I'm a superstar yet.  People in Louisville just follow basketball a lot and they just love the way we played this year and they just trying to get some autographs, that's all. 

ITV: What are your impressions of Louisville after your first year?

Garcia: I have fun.  People love basketball here.  People treat basketball players well.  It's just friendly here.  I made the right choice coming here.

ITV: What did you think about the Spring Game?

Garcia:  It was a great game.  I think they looked pretty good to me.  They look like they're in shape.  They look fast.  The defense looked good.

ITV:  How is your offseason going so far?

Garcia:  Working out every day.  Hitting the weights so I can get some weight on me.  Just working out.

ITV:  Gained any weight yet?

Garcia: I've put on seven pounds.

ITV:  What are you working to improve this summer?

Garcia:  Working a lot on my shot, on my ball handling skills.  I want to be able to do some more things.  I'm trying to get stronger so when I go to the basket I get some and ones.

ITV:  How is individual instruction going?

Garcia: We've doing pretty good.  Coach P has been they're a couple times and he's just working us out.  We're doing good right now.

ITV:  What are your expectations for next season?

Garcia:  I just want to learn how to be more like a leader for my team.   Trying every time somebody put they're head down, trying to put them up and trying to be our leader.

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