KDF: Practice Video + Evaluations

InsideTheVille.com provides an inside look at Wednesday's Derby Festival Basketball Classic practice session at Basketball Academy. See practice highlights of Louisville signees Chane Behanan, Angel Nunez and Zach Price, plus top target Kevin Ware.

Player Evaluations

Raashaan Myers, co-host of the Wazoo Sports Buzz on AM1080, provides InsideTheVille.com practice evaluations of Louisville's future stars:

Kevin Ware - Ware was by far the best PG on the White squad and was very unselfish turning down several opportunities on the break to dunk it to find a teammate for the finish. He was crafty with his passes and his athleticism and his ability to change speeds off the bounce and find guys on the break proved he is definitely a guy who can run the show at Louisville and help out defensively.

Angel Nunez - Nunez is quite an oddity as a basketball player. When the squads split for the scrimmage, Nunez was stuck down low playing center for his team, but there is nothing center about him. This kid is a guard in a 6'8" or 6'9" frame. He showed the ability to knock down the three ball with a very easy stroke. He finished on the break above the rim and he really stood out and made some nice plays offensively during the scrimmage. While he did struggle holding his position against the much bigger Zach Price he competed down low and has long active hands on defense.

Chane Behanan - Chane was Chane the whole practice. He was all over the place talking to teammates getting everyone laughing and being the personal shadow for Kevin Ware. Behanan was talking up Ware from once he stepped on the court until the end of practice. Once the ball tipped Behanan turned from jokester to beast on the court. He got out in transition and finished plays, grabbed a handful of rebounds and played with the motor that has become his trademark. His versatile game is what will make him a headache on offense for opponents.

Zach Price - Price knows what his strengths are and he plays to them. He has a very nice frame and is not frail. He has been very well coached and plays the game the way he is supposed to. He is active, long and aggressive on both ends competing for rebounds and going up strong and finishing above the rim with two hands. He also is not afraid to pull up for the face up 15 footer if a hand is not in his face. He has all the tools to make plays for Louisville next season, if needed, especially on defense.

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