Randolph Morris excited by Pitino's visit

ITV spoke with Landmark Christian Head Coach Brian Bartley and has the scoop on Coach Pitino's visit with Randolph Morris yesterday.

Visit went well

Coach Pitino's visit with Randolph Morris was a success according to Landmark Christian Head Coach Brian Bartley.

"It went well....Coach Pitino is very professional," Bartley said.

During the visit, Pitino watched Morris during a short workout in the gym and then sat down with both the player and coach.

"Coach Pitino said they are very interested in Randolph and that he'd be a perfect fit at Louisville," Bartley explained.  "Coach Pitino said they'd love to have him."

Bartley said Pitino didn't give Morris a big recruiting spill.  Instead, Pitino explained what he could do for Randolph at Louisville.

"Randolph was excited that Coach Pitino came down," Bartley said.  "The name Rick Pitino speaks for itself."

Batley said no formal scholarship offer was made during the visit but assumes that Coach Pitino has essentially offered Morris based on the statements Coach Pitino made during the visit.

"When they tell Randolph they'd love to have him and that he's a perfect fit, I assume they've offered," Bartley explained.

Bartley reiterated that Morris will be working hard to improve his this summer and likely won't make any visits until next fall.

Bartley indicated that Pitino's visit has likely moved them up the list and that Morris would probably schedule either an unofficial or official visit to UofL after the summer.


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