Will Michael Bush also play for Pitino?

A few months ago Michael Bush stated that he had decided to focus on football and only play one sport in college. Will he reconsider following his MVP performance at the KDF Basketball Classic?

In early January as he struggled with a sprained ankle and sat out a few of Male High School's basketball games, Michael Bush stated that he was going to stick with football following his high school career.

He also repeated that he intends to focus on football to Louisville football head coach Bobby Petrino.

"Michael told me that he was no longer interested in [playing two sports]," said Petrino on signing day. "He made the decision that he wants to be a quarterback and he knew that to do that he had to limit what he did and that he had to go fulltime football."

He seemingly finished his organized basketball career by leading the Male Bulldogs in both scoring and rebounding at 21.1 points and 10.5 rebounds per contest. Then last week after failing to become the first player in Kentucky High School history to win both Mr. Football and Mr. Basketball, Michael announced that he'd skip the annual Kentucky-Indiana All-Star contests. That announcement meant that his participation in the Derek Anderson Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic would be his last basketball game outside of the playground courts or a summer league.

That was until he proved to be one of the top players among a group of quality college-bound athletes. Michael quickly made his presence known by getting to the finals of the 3-point shooting contest and then capping the event off by being honored as his teams MVP.

"I deserve some recognition," said Bush after leading his white squad to a 159-130 victory. "I didn't get Mr. Basketball, so I just came out and made my last game fun and got the crowd into it a little bit. I got into my rythm and played good tonight."

The 6'4, 225-pound high school senior finished the game by scoring 22 points and grabbing 7 rebounds in just 21 minutes of action. He shot 67% from the floor, including three of four from behind the 3-point arc.

After his performance, many fans throughout Freedom Hall were questioning if Michael would not only suit up to play for football head coach Bobby Petrino, but also for basketball head coach Rick Pitino.

"I like playing in Freedom Hall," said Bush. "Right now it is up in the air if I'll play basketball too."

The question was poised to visitors on the InsidetheVille.com message boards and it appears Cardinal fans are split on whether they'd like to see Michael play basketball at U of L in addition to his football commitment. At the time of the publishing of this article, 54.4% of the respondents said that they'd like to see Michael also play basketball, while 45.6% said they hope he focuses on football.

"I would consider playing basketball," said Bush. "I guess I would have to contact Coach Pitino, but after this game I'm planning on concentrating on football."

So is Michael seriously considering contacting Pitino about becoming apart of the basketball team or was he simply caught up in the moment of his MVP performance?

"[Freedom Hall] is great, I'd love to play here," explained Bush. "Tonight my parents and my whole family was here, right behind me, so tonight I just wanted to have fun. I'm staying focused on football, but I may consider [playing basketball]."

In other words...stay tuned.

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