Bolin sees 'great' fit at Louisville

Kyle Bolin, one of the top 2013 prospects in Kentucky, had a great visit to Louisville on Saturday, and believes he'd fit in well with the Cardinals.

Kyle Bolin, one of the top 2013 prospects in Kentucky, made an unofficial visit to Louisville to watch Charlie Strong's Cardinals practice on Saturday. After practice, the top-flight quarterback spoke with Strong and QB coach Shawn Watson.

"It was nice," Bolin told about his visit. "I got a chance to be back on campus and I really enjoyed that. It was neat being near the action during practice and talking to Gigs (Mike Giglio), who's in charge of all the high school recruiting. It was nice to talk to Coach Strong and Coach Watson after practice."

Bolin has made a few visits to Louisville since last spring and has developed a good feel for Strong's program. He plans to attend some of the Cardinals home games this season.

Kyle Bolin visited Louisville on Saturday.
"He (Strong) was just talking about the season and asking me some questions about my team and how we're looking," Boling said. "We just had a good conversation, not necessarily about recruiting. It was just like a man to man conversation, but they did say they want me to come up for some games this season, which I plan on doing."

Bolin, who threw for 2,300 yards and 18 touchdowns, while rushing for 600 yards and 12 more touchdowns as a sophomore, attended Louisville's football camp this summer, where he worked with Watson.

"He's a great football mind and knows everything there is to know about the quarterback position," Bolin said. "Being able to have that one on one time with him was great. He taught me a lot of things so I can incorporate those techniques and ideas he gave me to help my team this year."

One of Louisville's top 2013 prospects, Bolin is building a strong relationship with Strong's staff. "I can tell they're really interested in me like I'm interested in them," said Bolin. "They don't try to sell me about their program every time we talk. We have a good relationship so we're able to talk about things other than football. I feel we have a strong connection."

Bolin, who holds offers from Louisville, Cincinnati and Illinois, believes he'd have no problem adjusting to Louisville's spread-offense if he chooses to play for the Cardinals in the future.

"I think I'd fit in great," Bolin said. "They run a similar offense to the one I run at Lexington Catholic. And the terminology is the same, which makes it a lot easier. I think I'd fit in pretty good."

After watching the Cardinals practice Saturday, Bolin came away impressed with the talent Strong's staff is assembling on offense, especially at wide receiver.

"Coach Strong is a great coach so he's definitely going to pull in (great) athletes," Bolin said. "The wide receiver corps looked great (Saturday). DeVante Parker made a couple catches that I sat back and said, ‘Wow.' They're going to be a really good team and I'm excited to watch them this upcoming season and see how they progress."

Though Bolin has strong interest in the Cardinals, he's not planning to make a college decision soon. "There's no question I'm going to look at Louisville, but I'm not making any decisions right now," Bolin said. "I'm going to enjoy the recruiting process right now and worry about my first priority, which is Lexington Catholic."

Bolin and Lexington Catholic open the season next week at Bell County.

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