Anderson, Scruggs, Chichester talk fall camp

Louisville seniors Victor Anderson, Greg Scruggs and Josh Chichester recently spoke with about the team's progress during fall camp.

Running Back Victor Anderson

On his improvement
"I really know the game and I'm trying to help the younger guys develop more intelligence within the game and study film. The older guys took me under their wing and showed me how to study film and breakdown defenses. That's the main part I've developed over time."

On the quarterbacks
"They're all young and never had the starting quarterback position throughout an entire season. Stein started a couple games and played in a lot of games. As far as learning and developing, I think they are still developing. But for the most part they're looking great."

On the offensive line
"They look great. They're always in the film room studying and trying to get better."

On Teddy Bridgewater
"He's young and he's got to continue to develop. Will is going to do a good job teaching him how to break down defenses and study film. Teddy ‘s going to be a great player for us."

On how the running backs can help the quarterbacks
"We've got to know our defenses in and out. Being able to pick up blitzes to help out the young quarterbacks will really help them out because sometimes they don't know where blitzes are coming from. We've got to help them by providing better protection."

Greg Scruggs

Defensive Lineman Greg Scruggs

On providing leadership
"We've got a big responsibility making sure these guys buy into the program and make sure they form to us and we don't form to them. That's been the biggest thing. As long as we come out here and practice hard and set the example everyday they'll see how we work and operate here. If they buy in with the talent they have we can have a really good team."

On concerns at cornerback
"You're only as good as your backup and those guys learned under Johnny Patrick and Bobby Burns. You've got Anthony Conner who's been here and would have probably played a lot last year if he wouldn't have blown his knee. And those young guys like Jordan Paschal, Terrell Floyd can step up and play. We're fully confident in Coach Beford's ability to get those guys ready. I wouldn't worry about that. It's the least of my concerns."

On breakout players
"People know Brandon Dunn, but Marcus Smith, Jamaine Brooks, and B.J. Butler did unbelievable work in the spring and this fall they should have a breakout year."

Tight End Josh Chichester

On difference between last year's team and this year's
"The obvious difference is we have a young team this year. If everybody is willing and able to step up and do their part we can have a great season."

On Teddy Bridgewater
"Consistency is definitely key for him. Teddy's doing well and he's getting the hang of it."

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