Players breakdown Saturday's scrimmage

Louisville starting safety Shenard Holton and reserve end Malcolm Mitchell provided the player's perspective on Saturday's critically important scrimmage.

Safety Shenard Holton

On the scrimmage
"Today was a lot of up and downs. We had a bunch of young guys lose some reads, came back and made a play. It was an up and down scrimmage for the defense. I feel like we could have made more plays in the secondary, linebackers I feel could have done a better job and I feel like the defensive line did a good job today."

On the defensive line
"They always get pressure. They came off the ball and they fight hard for us. Randy Salmon and Jamaine Brooks, he's a big body at nose guard who plugs up the whole, (were getting pressure). Jordan Tennyson, a transfer from UK, is coming along real well and he came off the edge. Brandon Dunn, he left early, but he did a good job. They help us out in the secondary a whole lot. If they keep coming on I feel like we'll (secondary) come along more."

On freshmen cornerbacks
"They did pretty good. A few times they took their eyes off the ball and gave up a big play. They're very talented. They are probably some of the most talented guys on the team. They just have to learn their plays."

Defensive End Malcolm Mitchell

On defensive line injuries
"People have to step up, freshmen. Me, myself have to step up. We just have to work harder because people are out. Good players are out, Scruggs and B.J. Butler are out. Jamon Brown stepped up."

On quarterback pressure during the scrimmage
"I feel like we got good pressure, but not like we should be. I think we should get a sack on every play. That's what we're capable of doing and what Coach Hurtt teaches us to do."

On the corners
"Except for a couple plays they kept the ball in front of them."

On standouts from scrimmage
"On defense, Calvin Pryor at safety. He made a few big plays, big hits that got me amped up a bit. I like that. Vic ran the ball hard, all the running backs ran the ball hard, Jeremy Wright, Zed Evans. They ran the ball hard today. I think that's good for the offense."

On the play of the quarterbacks
"Stein, Teddy when they get outside the pocket they manage (the game) pretty good. That's when they can turn things loose. I think they do manage the game because they're the real leaders, especially on offense. I think they did pretty well today."

On his personal expectations
"I have big expectations because I think I have people counting on me and I don't want to fail them or myself. I'm going to work hard and I hope to be a difference maker because I know I have potential. I just have to show it on the field. I'm one of the best pass rushers, Greg Scruggs is the best, and Randy Salmon gets a good push in the middle. With the inside guys help it's going to open it up for me."

On freshmen contributions on the defensive line
"We've got Jamon Brown, Deintroz Mount and B.J. Dubose. I think they can do pretty good things, especially Jamon. I think he's going to play a lot. He's a big difference maker. It's like he's not even a freshman because he understands the plays, he knows what to do, he's a big body and he's going to take up space."

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