Strong: Cards can learn from MSU win

Watch video of Charlie Strong's post-game press conference following Louisville's season-opening, 21-9, win over Murray State Thursday night at PJCS.

Opening Statement
"We're happy to get the win, but it was a tale of two halves. The first half, the offense executed well and the defense played well and the second half there was no rhythm. We can't turn the ball over. Our running backs turned it over. Vic Anderson and Jeremy Wright fumbled and then the ball falls out of Will Stein's hand.

"This is a game we can learn a lot from. It's good that we get the victory and now we have a lot of work to do. We're nowhere near where we should be. I thought we would have executed better than we did. I though we would've made more plays..We have to improve on offense to move forward with this program."

On wide receiver DeVante Parker
"One of these days we're going to look up and say ‘Wow, what a player he is.' He doesn't do anything but work. I told Stein if he throws the ball up he'll go up and get it for you."

On the play of Louisville's cornerbacks
"I was pretty pleased with how our corners held up. You're looking at an offense with 10 starters back and a quarterback that averaged more than 300 yards throwing the ball. We did not give up very many big plays in the secondary."

On freshman end BJ Dubose
"BJ Dubose played very well. He hit the quarterback and the ball fluttered out. That was the one Dexter Heyman intercepted. If you look he made some really long runs where he ran the ball down from behind."

On the play of the offensive front
"It's five new guys and it's going to take them a while to gel, come together. The two guards have never played college ball before. But there's no excuse. It's still about putting hats on people and doing your assignments. It's all about execution. We still have some work to do there."

On fake punts
"The way they lined up we knew we could get that. The first time it worked. And the second time they had a floater and we should have called it off. Philpott should have scored a touchdown on the first one if he would have cut it back."

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