Post-game locker room report

Quarterback Will Stein, running back Victor Anderson, linebacker Dexter Heyman, wide receiver DeVante Parker, and defensive lineman BJ Dubose broke down Louisville's 21-9 win over Murray State. has video from the lockerroom.

Will Stein "I should have played a lot better. We left a lot of points out there. The offense runs through the quarterback so I've got to play better for this team. We couldn't really find a rhythm. They were blitzing a lot and stopping our run game. We were in bad downs. We've got to get on a better schedule, which means getting four yards a play."

Victor Anderson "Those guys (offensive line) have to continue to push and we'll get Mario (Benavides) back here in a few weeks. Those young guys did a great job pushing up front, but we've still got a big learning curve."

Dexter Heyman "I was just trying to make a play (on the interception). The coaches always tell us when you get close to a play you've got to make it. It came to me and I looked very awkward doing it but I somehow made it happen.

DeVante Parker "It felt good my first collegiate touchdown. It's way faster than high school and the DBs are way better. We've got a good team but we can get better."

BJ Dubose "I came out a little nervous and I could have done a lot better. We're going to face a lot tougher teams and have to get after it this week in practice."

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