What's Big 12's next move?

The Big 12 is looking to expand its ranks and sources tell InsideTheVille.com the league could add at least one team soon. Could Louisville be the Big 12's 10th team?

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The Big 12 is looking to expand.

Interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas, who will officially replace former commission Dan Beebe next month, addressed a wide range of issues facing the shaken, but intact league Friday, including expansion.

Neinas stated that the Big 12 is "looking for the best candidates," even if it might damage or eliminate another conference.

Whether the Big 12 ultimately adds three teams to expand back to 12 remains undecided, but multiple Big 12 sources said Friday they expect the league to add at least one team immediately.

The big question: Who is in line to be the Big 12's 10th team? Could it be Louisville?

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Cardinal Confidential: What is the Big 12's next move?

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