Strong addresses conference affiliation

Louisville's conference affiliation has been a hot topic for recruits - one that Charlie Strong has had to address recently with prospective student athletes.

What conference will Louisville call home in the future?

Big East?

Big 12?

Big surprise?

That's the hot talk of the town at the moment. It's also a hot topic with Charlie Strong's recruits. Since the defections of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC threw the Big East into chaos, Strong has had to address the subject of Louisville's conference affiliation with prospective student athletes.

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the Big East, Strong continues to recruit well. Louisville currently has 14 commitments for next season, and last week landed standout Lexington Catholic 2013 quarterback Kyle Bolin, who apparently was unfazed about UofL's conference situation.

"That's a tough question right now because that's all they're asking everywhere you go," Strong said Monday. "On Friday, some of our coaches went out locally (recruiting), and then some went out of town. That's the big question right now with all the recruits. They just want to know where you stand with the conference. They all want to know because that's what (other schools) are going to attack you."

What has Strong's staff been telling recruits when the subject of conference affiliation comes up?

"I just say, right now we're in the Big East, and that's where you're going to end up playing if you come here," Strong said. "I just say, hey, right now let's focus on the schools in the league and we'll get the right schools in the league for you."

Regardless of whether Louisville remains in the Big East or leaves for another league, Strong understands the importance of continuing to affiliate with a league that owns an automatic BCS bid.

"It's so important because when you have a BCS bid you know you have a chance to go to a BCS bowl if you win the conference," Strong said. "That's what critical and all (recruits) want to know. We have the right facilities and everything we need to be competitive wherever we go."

Now, it appears Louisville, like the remaining Big East football teams, are playing a waiting game to see where they'll end up in the future. Does that uncertainty about Louisville's conference situation have Strong worried that the Cardinals might be left out of the BCS when the current re-shuffling stops?

"No, I'm not worried because I think our president and Tom (Jurich) are going to put us in the right position," Strong said. "So I'm not worried."

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