Strong: Cards didn't prepare 'right' way

Charlie Strong was pleased with the way his team practiced heading into Saturday's game, and the UofL coach said that lack of focus was a key reason his team lost to Marshall, 17-13, Saturday at PJCS.

(Opening Statement)

"You practice what you play. Last week in practice we didn't practice well so we got it today. As a coaching staff we accepted that and we saw our results today. The only way this team is going to move forward … as a coaching staff, we have to do a better job of coaching. Offensively, we can't turn the ball over we cannot have penalties at critical times. We have to be able to run the ball. Look at us on defense, don't give them the big play. Go stop them. We didn't do that today. And then in the kicking game, we go out there and kick the ball out of bounds, give up a field goal, miss the field goal, get an extra point blocked. We have all kinds of problems. This program is nowhere near where it needs to be. We have a long ways to go and we have eight weeks to go and eight games and we have to get it fixed."

(What could the staff have done differently?)

"When you take over a program, you have to learn how to win and then when you learn how to win then you have to learn how accept the win and we didn't do. Take the rival game it happened two weeks ago. Guys are still patting themselves on the back and we are still talking about it. That's what happened today, that's what you saw today. Guys still lingering over that win. There was no passion. We went out there and were flat. We dropped the ball, we jump offsides, we have procedure penalties, we give up two third downs on defense."

(Based on what you saw in practice, were you worried coming into today?)

"I was worried and I told them that last night and today at halftime. The way we played in the first half is the way you guys practiced last week and until we get some leadership in this program from our coaching staff and our players, it won't ever change. So what we saw is what we got."

(Is this a wake-up call going into conference play?)

"We have so many issues we have to solve just playing as a football team. Just being committed as a football team and playing with the right attitude. That's what we don't have right now."

(What were the problems in the running game?)

"It's simple. It's blocking. As an offensive line, just go block people. We didn't block people. We didn't put a helmet on everyone. We got backs- backs run behind the pads and sometimes it may not always be there but you have to run over people. We don't get that, we just don't run hard and we don't block anyone."

(Is this typical of a young team?)

"This should never happen. You are four games into the season now. I tell our young guys, you have played enough now that you are no longer young. It might be a rollercoaster year, but still when you are at home you have to commend our fans commend card walk and it was unbelievable. When you are at home you have to defend your home surface. Take the two losses this year and you look at last year South Florida, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Kentucky, that's six losses at home. That cannot happen in y our home stadium and you have to defend your house."

(On Teddy Bridgewater's performance)

"Our whole team didn't play well I am not going to single one guy out. Just look the whole team no one played well."

(What is the common thread in the six home losses?)

"Guys not getting ready to play and guys not playing well at home."

(On calling time outs?)

"I wanted to burn them a little bit, that's why I called time out, and maybe next time we will play better."

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