Brian Brohm updates ITV

Trinity High School has been a busy place over the past few weeks as numerous college coaches have stopped in for a visit. Quarterback Brian Brohm updates ITV on who has came by, what programs have extended offers, his top 5 and more.

Trinity quarterback Brian Brohm is extremely busy these days. He is currently juggling school work, baseball and frequent visits from college coaches that hope to attract the talented signal-caller to their school.

I spoke with Brian for a few moments on Wednesday evening and discussed everything from baseball to his current favorites.

ITV: How is Trinity doing in baseball this season?

Brohm: We're 22-2 so far.

ITV: What position do you play?

Brohm: I play right field.

ITV: How are you at the plate?

Brohm: I'm not real sure. I'm hitting around .300 and have two homeruns.

ITV: Any schools talk to you about playing baseball as well as football?

Brohm: No, not at all. I'm strictly football.

Head Coach Bobby Petrino & Brian Brohm
visit during a spring practice.
ITV: In addtion to the times you visited Louisville's spring practice, have you taken any other unofficial visits yet?

Brohm: I went down to UK's spring game, but with baseball I really couldn't visit any more than that. Those are the only two schools I have visited during spring.

ITV: Now that coaches are able to come by Trinity, who have seen so far?

Brohm: Coaches from Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Miami, Northwestern, Auburn and Louisville and Kentucky. There's more, I just can't think of them all right now.

ITV: What coaches from Louisville and Kentucky came by?

Brohm: My brother [Jeff Brohm] and Greg Nord from Louisville and Joker Phillips from Kentucky.

ITV: What's it like being recruited by your brother?

Brohm: He doesn't treat me like a normal recruit probably. He treats me like his brother. It's a little different.

ITV: What offers have come in so far?

Brohm: I've got offers from Illinois, Auburn, Purdue, Kentucky, Louisville, Tennessee, Iowa. I think that might be it.

ITV: What's your mail at home like everyday?

Brohm: It's a lot. I probably get at least 10 letters everyday.

ITV: Are you keeping a close eye on the possible conference changes being discussed in the news?

Brohm: Oh yeah, I'm watching it. If Louisville switches conferences it would be a big plus because they would be in the BCS. That's a big plus for any program. It gives them a chance to compete for the national title. I'm watching it very close.

ITV: Any clear cut favorites?

Brohm: There's not any clear cut favorites yet. Probably in the top five right now would be Louisville, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Tennessee and probably Georgia.

ITV: Are you planning on attending any camps?

Brohm: I'm not real sure right now, but it's possible that I'll attend Notre Dame's camp. For 7-on-7 team camps, I'm scheduled to go to Louisville's and Illinois', but I could possibly still be playing baseball, so I might not be able to go.

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