ITV Video: Tournament of Champions

Highlights of Glen Davis, Carl Swanagan and Nolan Smith from this past weekend's Tournament of Champions.

The following is the first installment of ITV video highlights from the Tournament of Champions this past weekend.

The following video clips are of Cardinal prospects Glen Davis and Carl Swanagan. Also included is Nolan Smith, son of former Cardinal great Derek Smith.

The following video clips are viewable with Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

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Glen Davis
Drains a free throw (1.19 mb)

Converts an alley-oop (1.37 mb)

2 clips: a) Scores on layup b) Rebound and putback (2.03 mb)

Carl Swanagan
Runs the floor & blocks a shot (1.70 mb)

Nolan Smith
Hits a 3-pointer from the wing (1.13 mb)

Drains a free throw (906 kb)

Scores on the putback (1.21 mb)

Scores on the fast break (730 kb)

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