ITV Q & A: Reece Gaines

ITV caught up with Reece Gaines following a recent workout. Also included is a brief video clip of Gaines working on his game.

Reece Gaines will be remembered by Cardinal fans as being one of the most dominant players ever to wear the Louisville uniform. During his time as a Cardinal, he led the team in assists during each of his four years and led the team in scoring his junior and senior seasons. His 1,945 career points places him fourth on the all-time U of L scoring list, with only Darrell Griffith, DeJuan Wheat and Pervis Ellison scoring more.

Daily workouts have been the routine as Reece Gaines prepares to leave Louisville for the NBA. Gaines, who is projected as a possible lottery pick, talked with Inside about the upcoming draft.

ITV: Are you spending a lot of time working out right now?

Gaines: Yeah, I'm working out everyday. They are going pretty good. I'm just trying to work as hard as I can, so I can be even more competitive.

ITV: What NBA teams are you hearing from?

Gaines: They all talk to my agent. I'm hearing that doing pretty well and I'll just keep working at it. I have worked out for Golden State, Chicago and Memphis and they all went pretty good.

ITV: Any place in particular that you'd like to play?

Gaines: I just want to play anywhere. I don't care where it is, I just want to get a shot to play.

ITV: Has it sunk it yet that you are going to be playing in the NBA?

Gaines: No not really so far. It's been so crazy that you don't really feel comfortable until you hear your name called [on draft day].

ITV: Do you have plans for draft day?

Gaines: If I'm invited I'll be at the draft. If not I'll watch it somewhere with my family.

ITV: What type of car are you going to buy?

Gaines: (laughing) Ah, my first car...I don't really know. I've been so nervous I haven't been able to think about buying anything.

ITV: Is it a strange feeling knowing that you will be saying goodbye to school and be heading to the NBA?

Gaines: No, not really, school was fun, but I'm ready to move on.

ITV: A number of former players come back and play here during the season. Should we expect to see you in Louisville during the summer?

Gaines: Oh yeah, of course. I'll spend a few weeks here every summer playing with the guys and working with the coaches and the strength coach.

ITV: How do you feel the Cardinals will be next season?

Gaines: They are looking pretty good. Hopefully they improve on last years nice season and continue to get better.

ITV Video: Reece Gaines
Multiple clips of Reece during a recent workout (5.01 mb)

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