Bolin talking to other '13 stars about UofL

With Lexington QB Kyle Bolin already in the fold, Louisville's 2013 recruiting class is already off to a great start. Bolin, who committed in September, has been trying to convince other '13 stars to join him at Louisville. Who is Bolin talking to for the Cardinals?

Now that Charlie Strong has put the finishing touches on Louisville's 2012 recruiting class, the Cardinals have already turned their full attention to the Class of 2013.

The cornerstone of '13 class is Kyle Bolin, a talented 6'3, 195-pound quarterback from Lexington Catholic. Bolin committed to Louisville last fall and has been very active trying to convince fellow 2013 standouts like Ohio cornerback Ross Douglas and North Carolina wide receiver Uriah LeMay, to join him with the Cardinals.

"I'm starting to have a good relationship with the guys I meet at camps," Bolin said. "I'm actually really close to Ross Douglas who has a recent offer from Louisville. Our dads are pretty close. I feel like Louisville is going to be high on his board. I talk to Uriah Lemay on a regular basis and I think he's pretty interested in Louisville. So I have a good relationship with those guys."

Bolin is also trying to convince Trinity stars Jason Hatcher, James Quick and Ryan White to stay home and play for the Cardinals.

"I've got a pretty good relationship with those guys," said Bolen. "I feel like these guys are going to be my family and teammates for the next four years and the guys that are going to help us compete for the national championship. It's just as much my responsibility to get those guys here as it would be anyone else's."

Tough Bolin still has a year left in high school, he attended Louisville's key official visit weekend in January when Charlie Strong hosted more than a dozen future Cardinals.

"I went up for the big official visit weekend so I got to meet a bunch of the 2012 guys that were in attendance and it was nice getting to meet them and meet with Coach (Shawn) Watson for a little bit," Bolin said.

In attendance that weekend were future offensive linemen Sid Anvoots, DeAndre Herron, Joe Manley and T.C. Klusman. Bolin said he's excited about that group, which also includes monster tackle Nacho Garcia, one of Florida's top linemen.

"They pass the eye test," Bolin said. "Joe Manley is a hoss, and so is DeAndre Herron. They're all pretty big fellows, but DeAndre just seems so wide. Sid Anvoots and T.C. Klusman, I met them all before…and I've met Nacho at a football game previously. It's good to start that relationship and bonding with them…..before I get to Louisville. I think it will help a lot."

Charlie Strong just signed his second straight outstanding recruiting class, and with Bolin in the fold, is already off to a good start in '13. Why is Strong and staff such effective recruiters?

"They're really down to earth and when they speak with you you feel you're speaking with a close friend and someone you've known for a while," Bolin said. "I feel like I can open up with them and have a normal conversation. I have a great relationship and I feel like these guys have a lot of character, and that was my big thing. I don't feel like Coach Strong is going to up and leave if another school offers him because he loves Louisville and I feel he's going to be here for a pretty long time."

Since committing to Louisville, Bolin has also spent considerable time getting know Watson and discussing the type of offense Louisville's offensive coordinator plans to run in the future.

"I feel like they're going to do what's best and most natural for the quarterback," Bolin said. "I feel like they'll probably incorporate some running plays for Teddy Bridgewater and let him spread the ball out through the air. And when I come to Louisville they may want to keep me in the pocket a bit more. I think Coach Watson is a brilliant guy and knows football more than anybody I've ever met. He just has that knack for the game."

Bolin, who completed 58 percent of his passes for 3,088 yards and 29 touchdowns last season, plans to attend several camps this spring with his high school teammates to help them get more recruiting exposure. Bolin will attend the Elite 11 quarterback camp and Louisville's summer camp.

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