Michael Bush Prepares to Play

ITV caught up with Michael Bush on Wednesday evening and the star athlete updated us on his workouts, eligibility and more.

High School All-American Michael Bush's career is getting closer to taking the next step and Michael is hard at work preparing to make that step. As a first team All-State selection at five different positions Michael has proven that he has the talent and determination to be a potential All-American on the collegiate level as well.

I spoke with Michael on Wednesday evening and discussed everything from his experiences working out with current Cardinals, including a recent 7-on-7 camp that the players put together for themselves, his studies of the Coach Bobby Petrino playbook, the upcoming Kentucky vs. Tennessee All-Star contest and his eligibility.

Michael has been spending as much time as possible at the Cardinals football facility lifting weights and developing relationships with his future teammates.

Michael Bush (ITV)
"I'm over there everyday lifting weights," said Bush. "It's going really good. We did our own 7-on-7 today inside the stadium. The players put it all together and we had a good time, but it was hard. I threw two touchdowns and an interception."

The recipients of the touchdown tosses were receiver Joshua Tinch and tight end Chad Jorgensen.

Michael's intensity in the weight room and the practice field come early August, will most likely be at a higher level now that he has received the good news that he has qualified to play as a freshman.

"I made it, I can play," explained Bush, who recently submitted his transcripts to the NCAA Clearinghouse. "I'm still going to take the test one more time, but everything is good now, so I can play."

Michael informed me that he will finish this week working out with the team and then begin preparations for the Kentucky vs. Tennessee All-Star contest on August 20th in Lexington. Michael will be joined on the Kentucky team by Male High School teammates Sergio Spencer, who also signed with Louisville, and Chris Shumate, who is walking on at Kentucky as a long-snapper.

Michael Bush with Coach Petrino (ITV)
In addition to preparing for the all-star game, Michael has also been spending quite a bit of time studying the Louisville playbook.

"I want to be ready when practice starts," said Bush. "It's easy, but at the same time it's difficult. At Male we ran easy plays and I knew who I was going to go to, but now I need to learn how to read the defensive backs and defensive line and know how to make adjustments."

Working out with fellow quarterbacks, Stefon LeFors and Justin Rascati is helping his progress as well. "They help me everyday. Whenever I have a question they always answer it for me. We have all developed a good friendship."

Michael also had a chance to get to know fellow incoming freshman quarterback Eddie Miller. "He was all ready [at spring practice] when I got there. I was asking him questions about plays and he seemed to know all the answers. I didn't know right away that he wasn't on the team. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and we talked about the new offense and stuff."

Michael also told me that he is looking forward to the season's first game and the atmosphere that will come along with it.

"I know it's a big rival game, but I'm looking forward to see how I stand with the competition on the [college] level. I want to see how calm I will be and how well I will be able to keep my composure. I think I'll be okay."

That 'Game One' experience could also serve as the unofficial beginning of what could become an All-American career for Michael Bush.

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