Watson explains offensive philosophy

New Louisville Shawn Watson spoke with the media Friday afternoon for the first time since being named the Cardinals offensive coordinator. Watson, who explained his offensive philosophy, will take a west coach approach with talented QB Teddy Bridgewater. Here are a few highlights from his press conference....

On differences in next season's offense
"What I like to do is play to our talent. We have a unique skill set at quarterback. Teddy has proven he takes to the passing game very well and can handle check game in running game. We can do a lot with him. His ability to throw the ball and create plays we're going to utilize that. Then we have a great group of receivers. They all have different skills. And I love all of our tailbacks. They all bring something different to the table. That gives us more flexibility. Our biggest charge will be to continue to develop the offensive line. They can run but they are all young. The young kids that redshirted are all athletic.

You'll see differences, but you'll see the same. The staff is really intrigued by the tempo offense. Whenever we ran our tempo offense we were very good - whether two minute or no huddle. We didn't do a lot of it because we were so young. My trademark has always been to utilize the talent that we have."

On his west coast offensive philosophy
"I'm one hundred percent believe in the west coast passing attack. I think it's the best passing attack in football because the quarterback has so many options. I'm talking about what Bill Walsh did. It's a high percentage passing attack that utilizes the whole field and allows you to make matches with your talent on lesser athletes. For example, your receivers on linebackers because of personnel groups and formations. There's a science behind it, but the beautiful part of it is it's very simple for the players. It's (made) for the quarterback so that's what I like so much about it. In the running game, Dave [Borbely] and I both believe in the zone run play - the power play in the run game. We're going to be a gun team because all quarterbacks like to throw from it. We want to be multiple and a west coast system."

Shawn Watson believes Teddy Bridgewater can be a 'great' player.
On using tempo offense
"You want to try to create more opportunities with the tempo offense but at the same time……there are some games we don't want to be in a no huddle attack all of the time. We played a team like West Virginia and we chose our time to run no huddle but playing in the huddle controlled the ball and chewing up clock and chain helped us win that ball game. You've got to have both gears."

On Teddy Bridgewater's development
"Teddy has unique leadership ability. He gets the game of football very easy. He doesn't make mistakes twice. He's one of the best players I've coached. He is a relentless worker. I think he can be a great player. The one area he needs to (improve) is grasping the whole offense. He got us in so many good plays in the running game. He has to continue developing in the passing game. Teddy showed he has toughness in the bowl game and also has the elusiveness to extend plays."

On spring ball
"Spring ball is totally different than it was last year. Number 1, we've got the numbers. We've got a lot of kids on the field. The beautiful part is the kids that played are younger players. We played a lot of young guys. What happens is that there's a lot of enthusiasm and everybody is hungry to chase something special because they got to taste it last year. The whole attitude is different in our building. Good things are happening inside our program. Spring ball will be exciting and they are focused on what we're doing."

On coaching influeneces
"At Illinois, Mike White taught me a lot about administration and football and being a great position coach. Mike was big. Probably my hugest influence at Miami, Ohio was Weeb Ewbank, he was my neighbor. He helped me coach quarterbacks. He was a mentor. He taught me so many things about being a teacher and scheme of the game. Gary Barnett helped me understand how to put a team together. I learned a lot about the run game from him. And I had a great experience with Bill Callahan at Nebraska."

On the running backs
"Dominique [Brown] that move is going to prove to be a great move. It already has been a good move. He just needs a better feel for that position and learn the reads as a tailback. He got better as the season went along. We've got to get a guy like Jeremy Wright to come along. He shows flashes of being a very talented back. Senorise is the third one and he has great speed and is coming into his own. I think the guy that will show up this spring is Corvin Lamb. He showed on the scout field a real nice skill set and the instincts to go with it. We feel good about our tailback position with those four guys."

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