6'10 Agnew Enjoyed Visit to UofL

6'10 Aaron Agnew enjoyed his unofficial visit to the University of Louisville on Monday. Agnew's coach, Brian Merritt, gave ITV the scoop on the visit and Agnew's recruitment.

Agnew Enjoys Visit to UofL

6'10 Aaron Agnew's unofficial visit to the University of Louisville on  Monday went, "Very well," according to his coach and   trainer Brian Merritt.

"He liked Louisville the most of the schools he's visited," said Merritt.

Agnew previously visited both Xavier and Pittsburgh earlier this spring.

According to Merritt, Agnew had a very enjoyable experience on his visit to Louisville and made several friendships with  members of the Cardinal squad, including seniors Luke Whitehead and Prielu Davis.

Merritt indicated that Agnew and his family, who are extremely close knit, are looking for a school relatively close to their  Bridgeport, Ohio home and it would seem Louisville fits that criteria.

Agnew, who is attending the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp this week, performed well during agility drills on the first day of camp and benched 195 pounds an impressive 23 times.

Agnew has been working hard this spring to improve his conditioning and strengthen his upper body and will soon begin a  twice daily workout regimen with Merritt. Merritt indicated that Agnew will be meeting with a  nutritionist and is cutting the fatty foods out of his diet.  Agnew currently weighs in at 360.

Merritt said Agnew is looking for a program that will help him with his stamina and conditioning and help him drop the excess weight he currently carries. Coach Pitino, whose track record in transforming players such as Nazi Mohamed into first round NBA Draft choices, could provide a recruiting edge for the Cards.

Stay tuned to ITV as we'll be following Agnew's recruitment.

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