ABCD Spotlight: Rajon Rondo

TEANECK, NJ -- Rajon Rondo struggled on the first day of camp on Tuesday. However, Rondo redeemed himself by upstaging nationally ranked point guard Josh Wright during an afternoon session matchup on Wednesday. ITV brings you the action in the ABCD Spotlight.

ABCD Spotlight: Rajon Rondo

6'2 Rajon Rondo struggled yesterday on the first day of competition at the ABCD Camp in Teaneck, NJ. 

Rondo was forced to play off the ball on the first day of action, instead of his more natural point guard position.  Rajon scored just five points in the two games on Tuesday against the Rockets and Magic.  Rondo turned the ball over six times in the first two games to three assists and made four steals on the defensive end.

Obviously uncomfortable playing without the ball in his hands, Rondo attempted just four shots on the first day from the field, making only one.

But the afternoon session on Wednesday would allow Rondo the chance to redeem himself and show why many consider him one of the top point guards in the class of 2004.

Playing against nationally ranked point guard Josh Wright of Utica, NY, Rondo was handed the ball and the 6'2 point guard played the way many in Louisville are accustomed.

By the end of Rondo's first quarter of action, he had beaten Wright so badly that the Cavs were forced to switch Wright off Rondo on the defensive end because the 6'0 guard couldn't stop Rondo.  The Cavs tried several defenders on Rajon, including 6'6 Dwayne Day but Rondo had no problems getting by the bigger defender and causing problems in the lane.

Early in the game, Rondo shook Wright off the dribble, stepped back and drained an 18 foot jumper from the key.  Minutes later, Rajon got by Wright in the lane and scored on a layup and was fouled.

On the defensive end, Rondo blocked a Wright layup attempt on the break and pressured the smaller guard into a turnover at midcourt later in the game.

One weakness in Rondo's game that has been apparent this week at ABCD is his lack of recognition when to pass and when to try and score off penetration.  Often times, Rondo penetrates too deep into the defense and has committed most of his turnovers because of over penetration with nowhere to outlet the ball.  Coaching and experience should correct this minor flaw in Rondo's game.

For the game, Rondo had 13 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block.  He also committed four turnovers and made 4-8 shots from the field.  Rondo got to the line seven times and made five free throws as well.

vs. Cavs 8 4 1 0 7 5 3 2 1 1 13




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