Q&A: Chane Behanan

University of Louisville sophomore Chane Behanan was the star of the show during the Cardinal Caravan stop in Bowling Green at the National Corvette Museum. Behanan played his final two years of high school ball at Bowling Green High and had a homecoming during the stop on Wednesday.

Here's what Behanan had to say to the media during the event:

Q: Talk about what you have been doing in the offseason?

Behanan: Right now, I am working on ballhandling a lot and trying to stay in shape and conditioning. Build a lot of muscle and strength. Really just focus more than anything, focus, and do well in school. That's my life.

Q: Coach Pitino talked about you being in better shape?

Behanan: When did he say that? (Laugh). I think I am. We had our first little practice and I didn't get tired. He didn't have to take me out until the last few minutes. I think my conditioning is tremendous and I look forward to where it's going to be at for the start of the season.

Q: How much with the addition of Montrezl (Harrell) help you with some added competition and depth at your position?

Behanan: He's helping me a lot. He also helps me move to that position that I have always wanted to be, the three. So, that's why I am working hard on my ballhandling and my shooting in case I play some three. But he's really a big help. He gives us another rebounder, another long body, just a body that is ready to work.

Q: He hasn't been around long but is he (Harrell) as good as advertised?

Behanan: I'm not going to say anything. You are going to see. I'm not going to say nothing. He's real good. I'll leave it at that, real good.

Q: How excited are you guys about this season and like Peyton (Siva) has said don't you have to keep your head down and not worry about the hype?

Behanan: Like the coaches always say or give us examples when they see somebody acting up and will be like, ‘Leave the Final Four behind us' and things like that. But I think that's also why we have this excitement. When they bring up the Final Four in a workout, it's exciting. But we can't let the past dictate the future.

Q: For you to come back to Bowling Green like this and be like the rock star? How much fun is it for you?

Behanan: I love it. I love it. I'm just taking it all in and having fun and then it's on to the next one.

Q: The team is not satisfied, but with the strides you made throughout the season with you personally how much are you motivated?

Behanan: I know I need to work hard because I need to be one of the guys that steps up when we need somebody to step up.

Q: How good can you guys be?

Behanan: Real good. We have to stay healthy. If we stay healthy the whole season then I believe we can be real good.

Q: How are practices?

Behanan: They're fun. People are getting dunked on.

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