ABCD: Farley Impressive, Showed Promise

TEANECK, NJ -- 6'10 Terrance Farley had an eye opening performance last week at the adidas ABCD Camp. Scouts were impressed with the little known center from Louisville as he became more confident and assertive as the camp progressed. Farley spoke with ITV about his performance after Thursday afternoon's session.

6'10 Terrance Farley started slowly during the first game of the adidas ABCD camp. Making his first appearance in Teaneck, Farley was understandably a little nervous and uncertain of his surrounding.

But the early game jitters quickly subsided and Farley showed rapid improvement since the first game.

Farley went up against several of the nation's better interior players, including UofL prospect Aaron Agnew.

He narrowly missed a double-double in Thursday afternoons game against 6'10 Luke Bonner and the Nets.

Farley had 10 points and 8 rebounds, including seven on the offensive end. He also had an assist, a blocked shot and made 5-8 shots from the floor.

5.1 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 57% fg at ABCD. (ITV)
Following his impressive performance, Terrance spoke with ITV about his play this week at camp.

"[I had] kind of a rocky start in the beginning but after awhile I started loosening up..I'm feeling really good right now..I'm finally ready to go and I'm not nervous anymore," Farley said.

Playing against the top players in the nation has done nothing but increase his already growing confidence in his game.

"I feel pretty great about it...knowing that I can compete with the greatest players in the nation," Farley explained.

PRP Assistant Coach Larry Kihnley told ITV Sunday evening that he has encouraged Farley to become more offensive minded. Apparently, Farley has taken his words to heart this week.

"He told me to be more offensive minded...I finally listened to him and now I'm trying to be more offensive minded now," Farley said. "I'm trying to flash to the high post and get down on the block...and I'm scoring more."

Giving up nearly 150 pounds against Aaron Agnew in a Wednesday afternoon game, Farley explained his approach to defending the mammoth center from Ohio.

"I just tried to fight around him," Farley said. "I can guard heavy-set people that have more strength than me because I'm faster than they are."

Farley is looking forward to taking his experience from this week and using it to help him against 6th Region competition next season.

"Now that I've played against to best players....I should be able to really take it to them in the 6th region," Farley said.

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