Charlie Strong: "Worry about our team"

University of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong has a twitter account. But that doesn't mean he has to be a fan of the online social networking service. Check out what he had to say at the Governor's Cup luncheon on Thursday.

Strong and Kentucky coach Joker Phillips both discouraged trash talking between the players in the weeks leading up to the Sept. 2 season-opener against UK.

While there have already been a few U of L players make predictions on twitter this summer, Strong talked like a coach who was going to control that situation.

"When a guy says something he shouldn't say, it's tracked down fairly quickly," Strong told the media assembled at The Cardinal Club. "Social media – I've said it all the time - it's going to be the downfall of society.

"People tweet and never realize that once you tweet, it's there and it's never going away. People say, ‘Well, I can go take it off.' No. Once it's posted, then it's posted. We just have to be smart about what we do and what we say."

Phillips said he told his players to "respect the game" and not "get involved in all of that." The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that UK officials are now using software to monitor social media outlets of their athletes.

"Joker made a good point awhile ago," Strong said. "Some guys that don't even play do all the talking. Just shut up. You have to play the game. The game is going to come to you. You have to play the game, so we don't need to put anything out there."

Strong said his message to the team would be simple: "Worry about our team."

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