Quick not ready for decision; talks top five

James Quick is preparing for his senior season at Trinity High School, trying to help the Shamrocks to three consecutive Class 6-A state titles. Quick is also the top prospect in Kentucky and fills Cardinal Authority in on the recruiting process.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Quick is ready for his senior season but not ready to make any decisions on a college pick at this point.

Quick said he's narrowed his list to Louisville, Ohio State, Oregon, Cincinnati and Kentucky but he also noted that, "I don't have a favorite right now."

"I try not to play favorites with teams," Quick said. "I have a lot of great options. I show each coach as much attention as I possibly can and build relationships even stronger. Sometimes I am busy with Trinity football, but I try and call them all."

Trinity plays Fort Thomas Highlands next Friday in a scrimmage and opens the season on Aug. 17 at home against Brentwood, Tenn.

Quick said there was a time when he thought about making a decision before the start of the season but, "As of right now, I am not making my decision anytime soon." He has until signing day in February to make a pick.

"I don't know when I am going to make my decision," Quick said. "One day, I might wake up and just be highly interested in a school and say, ‘Hey, I want to go there,' and feel comfortable with the coaches and go there."

Quick said he does know he's comfortable with his list of five. Louisville and Ohio State have been there the entire recruiting process, while Oregon is on the list if he wants to leave the Midwest. Kentucky has crept back into the picture, while Cincinnati has made a move thanks in part to one of his teammates.

"I have great options," he said. "It gets hectic at times. But you have to look at it like most people don't have this opportunity and take it to your advantage and use it. I get to go to college on a football scholarship and play the game I love, it's great."

Here's what Quick had to say about each of his finalists:

CINCINNATI: "(UC target) Dalyn (Dawkins) persuaded me into looking there and said it's an all-around good place, and that I should try and get to know the coaches better. I've been trying to do that and I got to know the receivers coach, Coach TJ (Weist), and we are really making a bond. He's telling me how many receivers he has produced and how many offensive plays I could get as a freshman. They have played a lot of freshman the last few years. They're not really a spread offense but they throw it a lot. It's a nice place."

KENTUCKY: "Tee Martin had been recruiting me. Coach (Greg) Nord is really recruiting me now, but I talk to coach (Joker) Phillips a lot. It's right at my back door and in Kentucky, to be a local kid playing there. I always looked up to playing at U of L or UK and having my parents come and watch me. It's right there."

OREGON: "That's for if I want to say, I just want to get away from everything and start new'. If I get away, I can always come back. Oregon is great program but it's a long way from home."

OHIO STATE: "Urban Meyer is a good guy. He's bringing an offense from Florida that is a great offense. I always watched Florida football and liked it a lot. I like his coaching style a lot.

LOUISVILLE: "Charlie Strong is a great guy. He's an all-around good guy who tells you how it is and he tells me if I go I have to work for a spot. And that's what I want, to be able to go in and work for a spot. It would feel good to be a hometown hero but at the same time have its downfalls. Some people might go to the hometown school and not do as well as you like. But for me, I think it would be great to be a hometown hero."

Quick made it clear that recent decisions by teammates Ryan White (Vanderbilt) and Jason Hatcher (USC) won't have much of an impact on his decision.

"I wish Jason and Ryan the best wherever they go, and I told them if you don't want to go to Louisville that's fine, but just make sure it's the school you want to go to," Quick said. "Those are decisions in life for them to make and what how they decided is not going to affect my decision.

"I'm my own person and I have to do what's best for me."

Quick said, for now, he's focused on a third state title. Trinity finished undefeated last season and was one of the top teams in the nation.

As a junior, Quick caught 82 passes for 1,434 yards and 21 touchdowns, averaging 17.5 yards a catch. He also ran for 136 yards, completed his only pass attempt for a 36-yard touchdown and had a kick return for a TD.

Quick has 195 catches for 3,021 yards and 41 TDs for his career, already ranking fifth all-time in receptions, sixth in TDs and 11th in yards.

He has 4,084 all-purpose yards.

"I've gotten a lot bigger and I feel faster and feel like more of a role model to the rest of the team," Quick said. "You know our team is not as mature as they were last year and I know I have to come in as a leader."

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